The Blood Republic Release Explosive New Single – Ditch

“Ditch” is a high-energy rock anthem that captures the raw power and intensity of The Blood Republic’s sound. With pounding drums, driving bass, and scorching guitar riffs, the song is a tour-de-force of rock fury. Lead singer Zak Müller delivers a powerful performance, his gritty vocals cutting through the wall of sound to deliver an unforgettable message.

Says Zak Müller:

Ditch has always been a special song for me. It was the band’s first single/demo in 2018, and it’s a song that’s really close to my heart. I wanted to give it the treatment it deserves and create an updated version that really captures the essence of The Blood Republic as it stands now in 2023. It’s a song about the frustrations of feeling stuck in any given situation in life. Be it a dead end job or even an abusive relationship. For me at the time of writing the song in 2018 I was battling with my own addictive tendencies. It’s about letting that anger and frustration out but also letting that groove motivate you to climb out of the ditch you feel like you’re in. That’s what it does for me anyway!

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The music video for “Ditch” is a visual masterpiece, created by Zak Muller himself. The video takes viewers straight down into the ditch with Zak, perfectly capturing the theme of the song.

Fans of hard rock, grunge or metal won’t want to miss out on this incredible new release. “Ditch” is available from 10th March on all major streaming platforms.


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