Game Review: The Ankh-Morpork Map (Mobile)

Ankh-Morpork, the city that never sleeps…mainly because it is far too busy trying to sell you something. Many have tried to describe it but only 1 man can sum up its essence…that man is the creator, Terry Pratchett.

“Poets have tried to describe Ankh-Morpork. They have failed. Perhaps it’s the sheer zestful vitality of the place, or maybe it’s just that a city with a million inhabitants and no sewers is rather robust for poets, who prefer daffodils and no wonder. So let’s just say that Ankh-Morpork is as full of life as an old cheese on a hot day, as loud as a curse in a cathedral, as bright as an oil slick, as colourful as a bruise and as full of activity, industry, bustle and sheer exuberant busyness as a dead dog on a termite mound.”

Terry Pratchett – Mort

I’m a huge fan of the Discworld series, so much so that I have a huge Discworld piece as a tattoo. The books changed my life & I hold them very dear to my heart. Games are few & far between, in fact there hasn’t been a Discworld video game since the turn of the century.

Now admittedly the Ankh-Morpork map isn’t a game as such, being just a map of the Disc’s most famous city. There are no levels or missions or plot….it is in fact an interactive map. Explore Ankh-Morpork, see the sights & read about all your favourite shops, pubs & museums from the series.


Take walking tours of some of the more famous sights all with a tour guide to explain along the way. Notice all the people walking around the bustling city? Keep your eyes peeled for some of the Discworld’s more famous characters. This is where the real fun begins & the map turns into a ‘Where’s Wally’ type of game. Example: Rincewind is around but he moves fast so keep your eyes peeled!

The thing about the map is it is pure fan service, I couldn’t be more pleased with it (a little too pricey) but its unlikely to be a spur-of-the moment buy for people who have never heard of the twin cities. I doubt it will sell too well but surely that was never the point?

The Ankh-Morpork Map
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