Ten Horror Movie Mothers We Should Celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day! What better way to celebrate mothers around the world then by acknowledging some of their roles in horror! No matter if they’re trying to protect their children from a rabid dog, giving birth to the Anti-Christ, fighting off demonic creatures, getting their sons laid or encouraging wanton violence on all…we celebrate the women who birthed and raised us.

For good or evil…

10 – Ruth from Prevenge

Mothers 2

Prevenge is actually about an expectant mother. One who is 7 months pregnant and her partner who should be with her through all this, is dead. This is every pregnant woman’s nightmare. On top of mood swings, nausea and struggling to roll over in bed; Ruth now must deal with something far worse. Grief…and a murderous foetus telling her to kill those responsible.

What’s a mother to do? Ruth has to ensure her child is healthy and happy after all.

9 – Amelia from The Babodook

Mothers 3

Not only does she have deal with raising her demanding son alone since the premature death of her husband. Amelia also has to deal with the possible appearance of a supernatural figure called The Babadook.

Is it real or is it all just part of her son’s over-active imagination? Can she protect her son and her own sanity?

8 – Mother from Mother’s Day

Mothers 4

Appearing twice, in the original and the remake. Mother is boss and must be listened too. She will do anything to protect her sons and god forbid should you do anything to hurt them. She cares…maybe too much.

7 – Mary Brady from Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers

Mothers 5

Mary love her son Charles so much that she will do anything for him including having sex with the teen. All she asks in return is that he brings home a virgin girl for the pair to suck the life-force out of.

6 – The Moms from Flesh Eating Mothers

Mothers 7

These poor mothers. Turned in flesh hungry monsters because of the local ‘stud’ spreading his venereal disease around. Sure, they’re all having unprotected sex with him but he’s the local stud! What else were they supposed to do?

That doesn’t excuse their treatment by their children afterwards though! So what if their idea of a home cooked meal happens to be their own child? Be grateful they’re happy to cook for you!

5 – Margaret White from Carrie

Mothers 8

Ok…so it’s hard to defend Margret’s behaviour in Carrie but if you look at it from her angle, she was desperately trying to protect her daughter from the sins of the world! By the graphic and memorable end, there is an argument that she was right.

4 – Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby

Mothers 9

The mother of Satan’s child. What more do you need to know? It’s a huge responsibility and that Rosemary embraces it by the end shows the love that exists between a mother and child. It doesn’t matter who his father really is, it’s Rosemary’s baby.

3 – Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th

Mothers 10

How far would you go to get revenge on those who have wronged your family? In the case of Pamela Voorhees she will go as far as murder. Her son died because of camp negligence so in her eyes everyone who works there is now responsible.

So what if her dead son speaks her? That just means they’re as close as ever!

2 – Vera from Braindead

Mothers 6

Vera loves her son Lionel so much that when she’s transformed into a gigantic, hulking zombie beast at the end she sucks him back into her womb.

All she ever wanted to do was protect him and his sneaking around got her bitten by a Sumatran Rat-Monkey thus beginning her transformation. She puts a brave face on as it takes hold, even taking guests while her body is slowly falling apart!

“Your mother ate my dog!”

1 – Norma Bates from Psycho

Mothers 11

Mother’s role in Psycho is limited to appearing in the shadows and killing anyone who comes near her son Norman. He’s a special boy who only needs her love and their relationship is very special.

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.”


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