Interview: The X (Video/Audio)

We spoke to electro-pop duo, ‘The X’, talking about the journey to this point, being free to do what they want, but also getting comfortable with that mindset. We also spoke about what being busy in The X looks like, how they marry the visual side of the band with the sonic side, and so much more.

Interview: Dead Flesh (Video/Audio)

Formed in 2021, Dead Flesh are a five-piece deathcore band and they will release their ‘Dehumanise’ EP on April 28th. We spoke to them about the EP, the work that went into it, the themes behind some of the songs, about Dead Flesh in general, their aims and goals, sharing opinions, opening up, and so much more.

Interview: Subterraen (Video/Audio)

Set for release on April 12th, 2024, via Frozen Records, ‘In the Aftermath of Blight’ is the new album from French atmospheric sludge metal band, Subterraen. We spoke to Subterraen about the new album, about the journey to this point and all the trials that Subterraen have faced, the distinct new direction they are going in, what they would like to accomplish this year, and so much more.

Interview: InDevth (Video/Audio)

On March 15th, 2024, the ever-relentless metalcore band Indevth will release their brand-new EP, ‘Drowning’. An EP that deals with mental anguish, hopelessness and feelings born out of the grit and grime of a bleak modern Britain. We spoke to InDevth about the new EP, about what it means to get this release out, how the past few years have led to this moment, some of the themes behind it, their desire to always be moving forward while having fun, the upcoming release shows, and so much more.

Interview: Jim Hodge (Vocals) of Mastiff (Video/Audio)

Hull extreme, sludge, and hardcore infused metal band Mastiff are back with their much-anticipated brand-new album, ‘Deprecipice’, out on March 22nd, 2024, via MNRK Heavy. We spoke to vocalist Jim Hodge about the new album, about what went into it, the highlights and lowlights of the entire creation process, working with the guests, what Mastiff means to him, and so much more.