Game Review: Graveyard Keeper (Xbox One)

Graveyard Keeper is a simulation RPG that was developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild. The player takes the role of a character who is hit by a car and finds himself taking care of a dilapidated medieval cemetery. If you’re a fan of games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, this is the game for you.

Game Review: Hello Neighbor (Xbox One X)

Hello Neighbour is a survival stealth game that was developed by Dynamic Pixels. The game was released as an alpha build way back in 2015. A rocky development meant that it required the help of a Kickstarter campaign before eventually being published by tinyBuild. In Hello Neighbour, you take control of a boy who has just moved into a new home across from a mysterious stranger. One day, he hears a scream coming from the neighbour’s house and decides to break-in and investigate.