Live Stream Review: Avatar Ages: The Age of Memories (30/01/2021)

Avatar Ages: Memories, or the Age of Memories, is the final of 4 live stream events that took place over the course of January brought to us by the masterful Swedish, metal band, Avatar.

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Game Review: What Remains of Edith Finch (Xbox One X)

Winning a BAFTA for best game in 2017, What Remains of Edith Finch is centred on the character Edith Finch. It’s revealed that she’s the last in the Finch family line which have a perceived curse. They believe that it causes all but one member of each generation to die in unusual ways.

Each death is played out in a short gameplay sequence to the player. The game is presented as an anthology of these mini-experiences, wrapped in the dramatic retelling of the family’s history and fate through Edith’s narration.

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