Horror Movie Review: Don’t Leave Home (2018)

Don’t Leave Home is a horror/thriller that was written & directed by Michael Tully, it released in 2018. Melanie Thomas is an artist who specializes in miniatures or dioramas. She’s about to unveil her new sculptural exhibit on Irish urban legends. However, she receives a negative review from a well-known critic during a preview event. Melanie is devastated until she is contacted by Father Alistair Burke. He’s a reclusive Irish priest who allegedly once painted the portrait of a young girl who later disappeared on the very day her image vanished from the painting.

Horror Movie Review: A Dark Song (2017)

Sophia (Walker) rents an isolated house in rural Wales. She attempts to convince short tempered, occultist Joseph Solomon (Oram) to lead her in a gruelling, several months long rite in the old mansion. if they leave the house before the ritual is culminated they will be in grave peril.