EP Review: Her Despair – Mournography (Self Released)

Her Despair formed in 2015 and began as a solo project with the release of debut album ‘Hymns for the Hopeless’. Showcasing the melodramatic sound and aesthetic of gothic music with the accessibility of punk and the stylings of heavy metal, the solo studio project has subsequently evolved into the current full line-up.

Out on July 20th 2018, Mournography is the brand new follow-up EP and first as a full-fledged band.

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Album Review: AFI – The Art of Drowning (Nitro Records)

To say AFI were big in the late 90’s/early 00’s would be something of an understatement, they were huge! Coming

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Album Review: Witches of Doom – Deadlights (Self Released)

Describing themselves as a goth-stoner-doom band, Rome’s Witches of Doom first burst onto the scene in 2013. Citing influence from the

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