Social Media Marketing Tips To Implement In Your Campaigns

Social media marketing is very important for every business. In these tough times, it’s visible that people spend more hours on social apps. That’s why you should create a plan for social media marketing. We can give you a detailed plan for social media marketing. Let’s go!

How to be active on social media?

Post content multiple times

Feel free to post a successful piece of content that has already been used several times. Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, only part of your fan base sees your postings. Evergreen content still generates good traffic even after repeated shares. Make sure to change the photos and redesign the headline and content. See multiple posting as a service for your target group. You are not always online and otherwise you will miss the important messages.

The right time is crucial

Find out who your fans are. When they are active. With Facebook and Instagram insights, you can quickly learn what makes them tick. When they are most active, you should also schedule your postings. These tools also help you to find the right time.

Use special functions on the platforms

Getting attention is getting more and more challenging. There is a lot of competition on social media platforms. In order to arouse the interest of your potential customers here, you should also use the best possible presentation of your content in online marketing. The respective platforms offer specific display variants, use these options. For example, live videos on Facebook or stories for Instagram and Facebook. Just like these platforms, YouTube has many functions. Create a channel, build a community and promote your service / products. You can start with the foundation – subscribers. Buy YouTube subscribers and be more active as a community leader – the results eventually come.

Perfect targeting on Facebook

When it comes to online marketing, it is important that you know your target group very well. The better you know your target group, the less wastage you have. Where is the place of residence? Do you know the exact age? Is your client male or female? What are your customer’s interests? If you know your potential customer well, there is little wastage and your ad is more effective.

Use warm contacts – Use the effect of familiarity. Here you can achieve more impact with a small budget. Show your ads to users who like your company or who have been on your site.

Use Facebook PixelThe Facebook Pixel is a very powerful tool. With no other tool you can get to know your customers better and advertise them in a targeted manner. It is a code that you build into your site. This means that you can only show your advertisements to people who have shown an interest in your site in the last 90 days. This is how you create the Facebook pixel.

Lookalike-Audience – So-called lookalike audiences are effective for small businesses. Because usually only a few thousand people visit your website and that is too low a number for Facebook ads. Facebook analyzes website visitors and looks for people with similar characteristics in its network. This results in a new lookalike audience that has a more precise target group profile and thus guarantees little wastage.

Long term investment – Online marketing is always a long-term investment. Facebook marketing for six months makes little sense, because both the postings and the advertisements are a long-term investment. Your potential customer sees the product again and again, and it often takes a few weeks to actually buy it.


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