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Rainchild are an American band from Houston in Texas. The band are a four piece. They possess a raw and uncompromising drive to create music from the underbelly of ill emotions, vises and hurt, in their words. Watershed is one of 3 songs on an EP called Anatomy. It is the first in a series of EPs called Anatomy. This is due to Rainchild releasing their music in small increments. Watershed is also the first bit of music they have released that I will have ever heard which is always exciting. At the moment, all their music is self released though I am sure a record label isn’t far away, should they want that.

Rainchild are a rock band. They are nicely described as being “Two parts Hard Rock, one part Alternative with a splash of Southern Rock, shaken, not stirred!” The band is made up of Dustin Condon on vocals and Jason Degge on guitar. Matt McClain is the drummer and Ty Gore plays the bass.


The band have put a lot of hard work in to touring and marketing their name in their native state, Texas. They have done a good job of it too. Dustin Condon has won 2011 vocalist of the year from Texas Buzz Awards and Jason Degge was nominated for guitarist of the year in the same year. The band have also won Rock Band of the Year from Houston’s Buzz radio station. One other thing that is well worth mentioning is that the band are very active in supporting charities. This includes performing for charitable organisations such as Homes for our Troops, Cherish Our Children International, Houston Food Bank and Rock for Warriors to name but a few.

So that is a little bit about Rainchild – now, on to the music. Watershed is a 3 and a half minute long track. Starting with a snare roll and rising guitar, it sounds like it is about to jump in to life. Instead, it momentarily switches into a gentle drum beat and quiet guitar. With that fake out of the way, it then brings the big sounding guitars and slow to mid tempo drum rhythm. The vocals are faded at first before becoming full volume with loads of echoed backing vocals over a slow bluesy rhythm.

The volume and pace picks up for a catchy chorus before the second verse returns to those muted vocals for a bar or two. The second chorus ends into a pretty cool guitar solo which has a real Southern twang to it. Vocals come back in at a higher tone and with a bit more urgency. The drums hit harder and quicker and the guitars chug along nicely before it fades out.

Watershed doesn’t quite feel like a hard rock song. Instead it borders on alternative or rock with occasional glimpses of something harder. A quick drum beat, a twang on the bass or a hit on the guitar strings threatens to go heavier but it never really comes. That isn’t to say it isn’t a good song. It is. It is a very easy to listen to, well played and well sung alternative/rock song. Just a lot softer than I was expecting.

There is a lot of talent on show though. Dustin has a very good voice and the short solo from Jason is great. The bass from Ty does it’s job and the drums from Matt are fine. All the instruments work for the song. Being a slow song though, Matt doesn’t sound overly challenged on drums.

If you like your rock and metal fast and brutal, this song probably isn’t for you. If you are open to well written, well played and well sung songs whatever the tempo, this may be just be right up your street. Me? I will be keen to check out a bit more of Rainchild to see what else they can do. They are obviously passionate about their music and they seem to have the talent to back it up. I will be looking out for some energetic hard rock songs to go with these well executed softer rock sounds.

Rainchild’s Watershed is a solid example of bluesy, Southern rock music with feeling though so do check it out.

 The group has been recording with sound engineer Brian Baker. That’s at Sound Arts Recording Studio based in Houston. They’ve been produced and recorded by Jim Finley. All songs are mastered by “Big Bass” Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles, CA.

Watershed can be found on Apple Music , Soundcloud, Myspace and Spotify for streaming and purchase. You can hear more from and about Rainchild by checking them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the band’s own website. Be sure to subscribe, Like and Follow as well.


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