Single Slam: Volbeat, Evil Scarecrow, Yur Mum, The Risen Dread, Fear of Falling, Tiberius, Bad Juju, The Atomic Beau Project, No Living Witness, Gourmand, Century Egg and Thornhill!

This week’s single slam features Volbeat, Evil Scarecrow, Yur Mum, The Risen Dread, Fear of Falling, Tiberius, Bad Juju, The Atomic Beau Project, No Living Witness, Gourmand, Century Egg and Thornhill. You can read our thoughts about the latest singles from these bands below.

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Volbeat – Becoming

Rock and rollers Volbeat have released a new song called “Becoming”. The track is taken from the band’s eighth studio album, “Servant Of The Mind”, which is due on December 3 via Republic Records.

It’s Volbeat getting heavy! Thrash heavy!

What a surprise this track as and you have to wonder where it’s going to fit on the upcoming album based upon other releases that we’ve heard so far from this album. Mind you, it’s still very much Volbeat, especially when the vocals hit and we reach the chorus which changes tact for something more like traditional Volbeat. It’s a fascinating listen and the first really exciting moment to come from the upcoming new album.

Evil Scarecrow – Master of the Dojo

Evil Scarecrow have released a brand-new single called ‘Master Of The Dojo’, out now on Dead Box Records.

The band says:

A song about a well-known 80’s karate movie doesn’t exist in the Evil Scarecrow catalogue, does it? Well, actually, YES SENSAI! We’ve only gone and written an homage to one of our favourite childhood films, and we reckon it kicks ass.

Master of the Dojo features epic heavy riffage, silly lyrics about karate, a brand-new set piece for our live shows, and – of course – some lovely crowd participation. So, if you’re ready to wax on, wax off in the most metal way possible, grab the new single and come visit us on our tour! *bows*

Regardless of how you feel about the source material, few can argue that Evil Scarecrow have delivered a hell of an ode to it here. An ode with a dark and meaty undercurrent but dominated by punchy riffing. It’s an Evil Scarecrow head-banger that is going to go over so well with a live crowd. Check it out here.

Yur Mum – Tropical Fuzz

Yur Mum, a London-based Brazilian rock act signed to Chapter 22 Records in the UK and M&O Music in France, released their new single, Tropical Fuzz, on the 27th of October 2021.

In their own words:

Brace yourselves, kids! Mama will extend your summer for a bit longer. Get ready for our new video ‘Tropical Fuzz’, with even more bass, more Fuzz, cowbell and triangle action in our “biggest low budget DIY production” shot only with a GoPro.

An energetic fuzzed up number, Yur Mum’s punkish attitude fits the intense rock blast that is this track. It’s almost ‘garage rock’ in style but with a more refined edge that makes it easy to fall in love with. It’s a little bit nasty, unashamedly brash but it’s quite compelling. Check it out here.

The Risen Dread – Silent Disease

Following a successful release of their first single “White Night feat. Andreas Kisser” Dublin based Melodic Death Metal band The Risen Dread released their second single “Silent Disease” from the upcoming album, Night Hag.

It’s time for The Risen Dread to show what they can do without the hook of Andreas Kisser that they had on the first single. This second single is arguably better as it’s a straight-forward showcase of the group’s fiery melo-death talents and it is scorching stuff. Hyperactive as hell; vocals that spit venom, riffs that leave scars, percussion that pounds away with force and even some guitar soloing. It’s a head-banger. Check it out here.

Fear of Falling – Sunrise

Possibly the biggest hard rock/alternative band in South Africa right now, Fear of Falling is gearing up to take things to a blistering next level! The seasoned collected talents of guitarist Lloyd Timke, vocalist Jack Atlantic, bassist Brendon McCaig (You, Me and The Harmony) and drummer Dale Schnettler (Prime Circle) have been hard at work preparing their album called Turning Point that will be released on Friday 3 December. The guys are extremely excited and proud of this album, and the first single called Sunrise is released today!

Vocalist Jack Atlantic shares that:

Some days my only escape is to go for a DRIVE. Lately I feel my passion for life has FADED away, and that I’m slowly FALLING into a dark abyss I can’t get out of. But, still I will keep on fighting, and I WONT LET GO in the hope that tomorrow’s SUNRISE will bring light to the dark corners of my soul. The world keeps BREAKING ME DOWN and their hearts are filled with HATE, and yet, I FAKE IT and put a smile upon my face. Is this is how I will feel until the END OF DAYS? For now, I will keep on pushing through, until I finally meet my maker and go HOME.

Looking to take the world by storm, Fear of Falling’s alternative rock sound is something sure to have commercial appeal. Think the likes of Seether and Alter Bridge, and you’re in the ballpark for what Fear of Falling’s Sunrise sounds like. A foot-tapper with a weathered sound, it is a super-catchy effort with a strong and memorable message. One listen and you know this is going to appeal to a lot of people. Check it out here.

Tiberius – Of Sheep and Wolves

Scottish prog metal band Tiberius will release a Halloween single called ‘Of Sheep and Wolves’ on October 31st 2021.

Says vocalist Grant:

I think after the whole trauma of the pandemic and lockdown we wanted to do something a bit different, just for fun. Jahan had written this catchy riff and had no idea what to do with it because it wasn’t very Tiberius-y, and something about it just sounded spooky so I suggested a Halloween single and, to be expected, he was immediately on board.

I think we’re heavily influenced by classic metal bands and during the pandemic this song just sort of poured out of me. I think it was important for us to release this as a bit of ‘we do as we please’ statement to the world. Tiberius is a project that is deeply rooted in having fun and enjoying ourselves as we create music which I think is a premise that’s lost on a lot of bands desperately trying to clamber up the industry ladder. Have fun, enjoy what you do and it’s a bonus if other people like it too!

Rooted in the ‘classic’ sound of metal, this is Tiberius having fun and it is seriously infectious fun. Dust off the old denim and leather this Halloween and get ready to work those neck muscles with this old-school blast of head-banging entertainment. No-nonsense enough to admire the versatility in Tiberius to be able to pull this track out of the trick or treat bag. You will be able to check it out here on the 31st October.

Bad Juju – American Halloween

After taking a trip down memory lane earlier in the year with “In the Clouds”, Melbourne-based alternative rock outfit Bad Juju are back and better than ever with a tongue-in-cheek ode to the dark side of life with new single, “American Halloween”.

Reflects vocalist Russell Holland:

Halloween has always been a time to express that side of ourselves. This song is about being comfortable with who you are, and caring less about what people think and letting the freak out, and what better place to do it than an American-style Halloween.

A fun listen with an important message, Bad Juju manage to do something quite special with American Halloween. They manage to deliver a stonkingly catchy alternative rock listen filled with heart and a good amount of melodrama/catchiness. A slight tinge of post-punk and one hell of a chorus makes this one to remember.

The Atomic Beau Project – Fall to the Beast

The Atomic Beau Project return with their new single and video! The Brisbane-based outfit bring the new single to light to speak to the world about a terrifying and unsettling disorder experienced by vocalist Beau.

‘Fall To the Beast’ portrays lead singer Beau’s battle with depersonalisation/derealisation disorder, a chronic condition where your own life and body feel like a dream, and devoid of all colour. In line with the band’s contrasting sound of dark/heavy instrumentals against soft, delicate vocals, the track depicts the protagonist’s struggle against the beast of depersonalisation and derealisation, but finds herself turning the tides on the beast and fighting a noble fight.

Vocalist Beau says:

On the surface, Fall to The Beast is a heavy hitter reminiscent of Arch Enemy, Poppy, and Spiritbox, but it’s actually the most personal, meaningful track we’ve written to date. Depersonalisation and Derealisation are terrifying when they hit, and before I knew what this bizarre experience was, it was like the whole world had shifted off its axis. Now I’m wiser, and I’ve got my way of dealing with it and turning it into a positive. That’s the story behind this track, it’s the internal fight we all have with our internal beasts.

Woah. Firstly, the subject matter is fascinating and certainly not a condition that gets much coverage, if any at all. Then you have a track that is blisteringly heavy, with these jarring but cleverly used blasts of electronica, and blend of poppy vocals and death metal growls and roars. This is one hell of a unique listen. Check it out here.

No Living Witness – Thrilloween! A Tribute to Horror

From No Living Witness comes ‘Thrilloween! A Tribute to Horror’, a mashup tribute to a selection of iconic themes in sci-fi, horror, and the King of Pop.

Ha! Horror and metal fans are in for a treat with this track. A filthy and guttural death metal mashup of horror, sci-fi themes and MJ himself. It’s brutal but so cinematic, it will have your rotten, undead heart jumping for joy. Absurdly fun but, and this is so important, heavy as the dirt being piled on to your grave this Halloween.

Gourmand – Viral Poverty

Kansas City, Missouri-based Progressive Death Metallers Gourmand are excited to announce the November 26th release of their new EP, To Bring To Nothing. Parallel to that announcement of the release, the band have premiered a music video for the album’s first single “Viral Poverty”.

The word is heavy. This is a heavy track. Akin to having a block of granite dropped on the head (blame the drumming) and while you try to recover your senses, Gourmand are in your face, screaming and shouting. It’s not just the vocals either though as the guitars cause just as much noise and their progressive nature keeps things eclectic and interesting. Check it out here.

Century Egg – Moving On

Century Egg is a band of escape artists with a focus on playing visceral punk rock. Today the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based quartet are sharing their new single, “Moving On” which makes up the first half of a double A-side single release, the second of which will follow next month.

Speaking about the new single, Century Egg says:

This is a song about trying to detach yourself from your past and let go of the trauma that holds you back from finally feeling better.

A second over two minutes, Century Egg get in and get out fast here with a dirty and garage-style punk rock track. Moving On’s message does come through though as the tempo is consistent and focused on the lyrical content. It’s this makes it quite striking, especially with the two contrasting voices singing together but slightly out of time. Check it out here.

Thornhill – Casanova

Thornhill return with their new single, Casanova. The song is the first taste of new music since the band’s acclaimed 2019 debut album The Dark Pool. The release finds the group stepping into an inspired new era, complete with an elevated sound and image.

Vocalist Jacob Charlton shares:

‘Casanova’ is about the extensively taxing experience of falling deeply for someone that you’re too afraid to completely grab onto — the kind of situation where you’re almost scared to love them and begin fixating on the little things you dislike about them or create stories in your head about them in order to keep your distance, so you don’t get hurt or hurt them.

Well, this is a puzzling track to get from Thornhill and certainly raises questions about the musical direction the band is going in. Based off this track, electronica and dance infused metal is what we can expect going forward. Is it a good track? It’s… different. At times, it’s really good but the effects are jarring and really screw with the vocals. It’s certainly not what fans will expect which will either prove to be a genius move or a disastrous one.


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Volbeat, Evil Scarecrow, Yur Mum, The Risen Dread, Fear of Falling, Tiberius, Bad Juju, The Atomic Beau Project, No Living Witness, Gourmand, Century Egg and Thornhill!
  • Volbeat – Becoming - 8/10
  • Evil Scarecrow - Master of the Dojo - 7.5/10
  • Yur Mum – Tropical Fuzz - 8/10
  • The Risen Dread – Silent Disease - 7/10
  • Fear of Falling – Sunrise - 8/10
  • Tiberius – Of Sheep and Wolves - 8/10
  • Bad Juju – American Halloween - 9/10
  • The Atomic Beau Project – Fall to the Beast - 9/10
  • No Living Witness – Thrilloween! A Tribute to Horror - 8.5/10
  • Gourmand – Viral Poverty - 7.5/10
  • Century Egg – Moving On - 7/10
  • Thornhill – Casanova - 5/10