Single Slam: Vanity by NO:IR

NO:IR is a modern metal 5-piece; whose engrossing and energetic live performance, and distinct blend of rap and metal has captivated audiences around the UK. NO:IR have made a statement within the underground scene by leading a resurgence of the classic 90’s Nu-Metal genre. Drawing heavily on influences from current household names within the hip-hop community and combining this with progressive technicality, NO:IR have established a signature re-imagination of the Nu-Metal sound.

Having released their debut single ‘Hive’ back in July 2019 (read our review of that here) and their second single, Erase:Me. which was released on November 30th 2019 (read our review here). The 5-piece return in these trying times with their biggest single yet; Vanity.

A very short and sharp jab, Vanity is NO:IR at their largest sounding while still having that underground nu-metal style. Filled with so much piss & vinegar, it’s very energetic. The rap verses spitting blood and teeth while the chorus is dirty and very heavy. The highlights are the progressive guitar twangs which work off the bouncy rhythm nicely.

Just like previous efforts, Vanity isn’t going to be for everyone. Those with a deep-seeded hatred of nu-metal will likely turn their nose up before even pressing play. A shame, as this is less a revival and more of an evolution of that sound.


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Vanity by NO:IR
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