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Finnish alternative rock band, Blind Hen have released a new stand alone single called Troublemaker. Troublemaker is self released. The single follows the band’s debut physical release called Life which was released in May this year. Life was an EP and was really good with catchy riffs and loads of creativity. You can read our review of that here.

Life had songs on it that took inspiration form Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies such as Titanic. That continues into this new single, Troublemaker. This time, the movie focus is on Django Unchained.

Blind Hen are Teppo Tirkkonen on vocals and Tero Kalliomäki on guitars. Antti Valkama is on the bass while Joonas Pykälä-Aho takes care of the drums.


On to the single then –

Troublemaker is just over 6 minutes long. It starts with an oriental sounding melodic intro before the electric guitars come in and play a catchy riff. There is a nice tempo to the drums and Teppo Tirkkonen’s vocals are very listenable. He has a good voice. The whole track has a nice pace to it, held together by an interesting riff. At around half way through the song returns to the melodic, oriental sounding intro with a slightly odd effect pulling the guitar sound around.

A bit of gentle singing comes in over this melody before a slow and steady drum rhythm starts pounding out. The vocals over this rhythm are wonderful. The catchy chorus kicks back in at the end of this softer section. It is one of those choruses that just demand the listener sings along. The chorus is repeated through to the end though it picks up in intensity for it’s second loop before ending.

Troublemaker is a really decent song with a great main riff. The whole track is catchy and feels fresh and original. The chorus is strong and gets stuck in your head firmly. I love Teppo’s vocal style. He is a great singer. The riffs are good and hold your interest and the drums and bass glue everything together very well. I could probably do without the weird effects on the guitars in the quieter sections but they don’t detract from what is a top quality, highly enjoyable rock song. These guys are well worth checking out.

You can listen to Troublemaker over at Bandcamp here. You can also pick up this single and more from Blind Hen there too. Troublemaker is also available on all the usual streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.  Check out Blind Hen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information on them and their music. Be sure to give them a like or flow while you are there.


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Troublemaker by Blind Hen
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