Single Slam: The Red by The Alpha Structure (7 Deadly Sins)

The Alpha Structure are a 5-piece deathcore band originating from Roseburg, Oregon USA. Ahead of their upcoming album entitled 7 Deadly Sins, they have released a brand new single entitled The Red.

Just over three minutes of passion, power and energy. The Red is an incandescent cascade of ghastly hellish noise built on the flesh and bones of The Alpha Structure’s victims. The maddening squeals from the guitars, the vocals that rip and tear through the soft matter of the brain…The Red cuts extremely deep.

The tension briefly unwinds but deathcore fans should know how this goes.

The Alpha Structure come back in with even more savagery than before. Somehow faster and heavier, the latter part of the song is mayhem personified and few won’t love every minute of it.

We certainly do.

Find out more and keep up to date with The Alpha Structure via their Facebook Page and Instagram.


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The Red by The Alpha Structure (7 Deadly Sins)
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