Single Slam – The Heart From Your Hate by Trivium (The Sin and the Sentence)

The second single from Trivium’s new album The Sin and The Sentence is called The Heart From Your Hate. It comes from their new album due out on the 20th of October this year via Roadrunner Records.

Trivium have recruited a new drummer since Silence in the Snow in Alex Bent. Its hardly a stable job though with him being their third in the last three years. He joins lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu who is on leads and harsh vocals. Finally, we have Paolo Gregoletto on bass and backing vocals.

The Heart from Your Hate

The Heart From Your Hate is the second single to be released following the title track release earlier this month. As a band Trivium have a huge following but also a fair amount of haters. I like them and I think people are too harsh on them and some of their albums. That isn’t to say that there isn’t some absolute tripe out there. There is and one such album, in my opinion is their last release, Silence in the Snow. It isn’t good and so we don’t really know what to expect from this next album.

Trivium themselves have spoken and said to expect heavier music and harsher vocals. That is exciting so when the first single got released, I was looking forward to it. That single lived up to expectations and actually was a return to heavier, harder metal.

So, with heavy Trivium in the house, let’s move on to The Heart From Your Hate.

The Heart from Your Hate is just over 4 minutes long and has a good, heavy start. There is a nice little guitar line and muffled vocals before a huge chugging sound comes in. All the instrument join together for a strong, groove laden rhythm with tons of bass. As it builds you feel like it may explode but instead drops down into a ballad like style. A slow drum beat and melodic guitar play gently under clean vocals. It’s okay but not exactly mind blowing The song does start building a bit as the drum rhythm slowly increases. The louder, heavier guitars come back in for the chorus which is flat and uninspiring. It is just the title of the track with a little backing shout of “hate”.

More of the same comes in the second verse and chorus. The song picks up a little after the second chorus with a nice little solo before it goes back into the chorus. This is then repeated until the end leaving me quite disappointed. Especially after the promise of The Sin and The Sentence. For me this song represents the bad side of Trivium with decent melody but bland vocals and lyrics and a lazy chorus. I know how good these guys can be – I don’t know why we get these tracks occasionally that have no creativity and lack heart. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

So one cracking song and one below average one – just what is this new album going to be like?

Still, you may love The Heart from Your Hate so check it out for yourself here. You can preorder The Sin and The Sentence from here. You can also pick up it, the single and some other Trivium work from the links below. Check out Trivium at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information. Make sure you give them a like and follow while you are there.

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The Heart From Your Hate by Trivium (The Sin and the Sentence)
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