Single Slam – Suicide Lullaby by Dead Soul Communion (Self Released)

Suicide Lullaby is the first single, with accompanying video, from British metal band Dead Soul Communion. Dead Soul Communion is a brand new project from Devilment founder and ex member Daniel Finch. Suicide Lullaby was released on the 16th of June and will be part of the self titled album, Dead Soul Communion, released on the 28th of July this year.

Daniel Finch has been a busy man since leaving Devilment behind a few years back in a messy split. He is a hugely interesting person and you can read more about him and his thoughts in this interview with GBHBL from around a year ago. He released an album called The Devil’s Music, featuring different guest singers, that used a little of Daniel’s left over songs originally planned for his second Devilment album. Check out our review of The Devil’s Music here.

Suicide Lullaby

Obviously at the same time, Dead Soul Communion were forming and recording or at least jamming and that is what leads us to the single, Suicide Lullaby. The song is around 4 minutes long in total. It starts with a cool Spanish guitar style before heavy drums and a crunching guitar riff join in. The Flamenco like guitars mixed with the heavy riff is a wonderful sound.

Cleanish vocals make up the verse which is a lot calmer than I expected. I’m not too sure I like it at first, I must admit. As the verse moves into a new section, the intensity and aggression jumps up a few notches thankfully. Fast vocals, a crunching, almost industrial style riff keeps your head banging away. Meanwhile, in the background there is still that little hint of melody too. Another softer verse starts but this time, the guitar comes in and starts chugging half way through and there are some excellently demonic backing vocals whispering underneath the slower lead vocals.

A really strong, ascending rhythm starts up with vocals that have a touch of the “epic” to them. It’s an emotional verse with powerful vocals that grows in strength before jumping into the next heavier part. The switch between these two verses isn’t done brilliantly in my opinion. It doesn’t just flow and felt like two sections glued together.

I do like how the song keeps changing things up though as we hit another fast and heavy section with furiously fast drumming from Simon Dawson (Ex British Lion) before jumping back into a more melodic part again which plays out to the end.

Suicide Lullaby

Suicide Lullaby is a strong, rocking song. There is a lot to like and it is certainly creative both in style but also in the structure of the song. There are a lot of switches in style and direction throughout. Mostly this is fine and keeps the song fresh and interesting though there were moments where I felt the transition between sections wasn’t brilliant.

I love how much “groove” the song has though and you can feel it is an important and personal topic to Daniel and the band. Listened to with the video gives the song more impact than when listened to on it’s own. That is probably normal but I would recommend watching the video. It’s very good and is both dark and gothic yet weirdly uplifting too. It is also graphic so not one for the kids.

The video was directed by Machete 88. It, along with the lyrics, depicts a struggling alcoholic who is trying to battle his own demons.

Check out the song and video for yourself here. You can also pre order the album right now from here.  Anyone who does will receive an instant download and stream of the album too. Finally, look the band up on Facebook here and be sure to give them a like and a follow.


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Suicide Lullaby by Dead Soul Communion (Self Released)
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