Single Slam – Silent Weapons (feat. Per Nilsson) by Mutiny Within (Origins)

American melodic death metal band, Mutiny Within, have a new album coming out in 2017 called Origins. It will be self released and is due out on the 10th of February. As a band they originally formed in 2002 but had a tumultuous early career being signed to Roadrunner for their self titled debut, that sold so poorly, just 10,000 copies, that the band lost their deal and had to put the band on hiatus. It was later revealed that while the album only sold 10,000 copies, it was pirated over 100,000 times making them a shining example of why we listeners need to do better and support the bands and genre we love.

Mutiny Within eventually got back together and released a second album called Synchronicity in 2013 and now we have album number 3, Origins, due out very soon.


The song Silent Weapons features a guitar solo from the immensely talented Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry. Silent Weapons is just under 5 minutes long and sounds very Scar Symmetry at the intro with big drums and a wavy keyboard and guitar line playing in unison. Singer Chris Clancy adds some strong sounding roars over the top as the drums kick into overdrive. The verses are sung cleanly but with backing growls and shouts a plenty too. It’s pretty fast, not brutally heavy but heavy enough and Andrew Jacobs bass is quite prominent. It does lead nicely into a more aggressive pre chorus which is roared and growled at us. That leads into a melodic, clean chorus which is quite catchy and well sung. The song changes direction a little after the chorus with a section of muffled and echoed short lines of vocals, some effects that sound like bells, small bursts of machine gun like drum fire and a melodic, almost acoustic sounding keyboard section. This builds back up instrument by instrument starting with some shouted vocals that build along with the drums until we hit Per Nilsson’s excellent, and long, guitar solo which sounds great over some amazingly fast drumming from Bill Fore. After the solo it heads back into the clean chorus which is repeated through to the end.

Well, I am a fan. I like it, the chorus is great and I love the use of the different vocal ranges in the verse. I am a fan of Scar Symmetry and this is a very similar style of song, even having a Per Nilsson solo on it, so maybe that helps. The thing that stood out the most for me was actually the drumming which is absolutely exceptional at times. I wouldn’t mind a little less keyboards but that is a personal taste thing and the song itself definitely benefits from Daniel Bage’s skills on the keys and on guitars. I also like the little bit of experimentation after the chorus, with effects and quirky patterns.


The band have published the statement below on their own website –

“It’s a simple title and the thought behind the record was simple. Let’s go back to what we and everyone else loved about our debut record and have some fun. No labels, no pressure and most of all, no rules. If we liked it, it stayed. The crazy parts, the infectious melodies, the shred, the effects…. THE KEYBOARDS!!! Having the artistic freedom to have a xylophone followed by a blast beat. A catchy vocal melody followed by all out drum, guitar and keyboard hell… that was what Mutiny Within was always about. Good songwriting in an environment where anything goes and this album has that in heaps. Fans matter. We do listen. If it wasn’t for our fans wanting new music, we probably wouldn’t have done it. It’s that simple.  We all have regular day jobs and finding the time to put this record together has been tough to say the least. You guys asked us to bring the keyboards back, we’ve done that, you wanted longer songs, some more progressive elements, we’ve done that too and a whole lot more.But once more, we did it! Thanks to the remaining 4 active band members, AJ, Chris, Bill and myself Dan, and more importantly, thanks to everyone of you out there who continues to support us to this day. Some of you have followed us for years. Some for days. Some of you won’t know who we are as I’m writing this and It doesn’t matter. We thank you for being part of what we do and thank you for keeping our music alive”.

There is nothing better than a band putting out music purely because they love it and because they are listening to fans requesting it. Even better when the song turns out to be really quite good too. I hope it all works out for them, whatever they choose to do in the future. I hope it involves more music in the future too  and I will definitely be picking up a copy of Origins myself based on hearing this song.

Check the song out for yourself here!

If you like it to, why not preorder the album from the band here? Give them a Like or Follow on Facebook or Twitter and read more about them from their website.


Silent Weapons (feat. Per Nilsson) by Mutiny Within (Origins)
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