Single Slam: Shinjuku by Prey Drive

With an ever-growing fan base, ever changing hair colours, tours and an album that you just can’t help but listen to time and time again, it’s been a very busy 2019 for UK’s Prey Drive.

Since the release of their vinyl – Once More With Feeling, the band has been racking up over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone. They seem to be on every Spotify playlist, including appearing on both Basement and Enter Shikari’s curated playlists.

Now it’s time for their much-anticipated newest release to surface, written after singer Brad’s trip to Tokyo last year, the band were inspired by his stories of a city, “Shinjuku”, full of lights & atmosphere.

It’s very easy to hear just why Prey Drive have risen to such popular heights. Their music is very much rooted in an alternative and wide-ranging radio-friendly rock sound. Something that is made abundantly with the catchy and memorable Shinjuku.

From the jerky and frantic guitars at the start to the melodramatic vocals and soft echoing melodies, it’s relaxing and dreamy stuff. Taking you to faraway places where the lights shine brightly in the sky and the hubbub of life is less intense.

Having never visited such a place, Prey Drive an excellent job of making it seem so real through the medium of their music.


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Shinjuku by Prey Drive
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