Single Slam: Shine A Light (Christmas Charity Song) by Queensman

Born out of Lockdown of sheer boredom and frustration, this new west London band decided to take the positive and uplifting sound of rock & pop and turn every song into a chorus chanting, foot-stomping, heart-moving anthems.

Having been to California and seen the iconic HOLLYWOOD billboards re-written HOMELESS to highlight the plight of the homeless people in America, and seeing every shop doorway in Covent garden in England being used to house the homeless, they decided to look the statistics for England and the results were shocking.

320,000 homeless, 5,000 sleeping rough, 8 in 10 have been attacked & 1 in 10 have been urinated on. 1 in 20 women have been sexually assaulted & 20% raped. Life span in males is 45. in women 43 & 726 die on the streets every year. 679 suffer from hypothermia & pneumonia, with 80% suffering from mental health problems.

Having seen all this, Queensmen decided to write and release the Christmas charity single Shine A Light to bring attention to the plight of the homeless and raise money and give the proceeds to Crisis who have given them 100% support.

A wonderful cause, Queensmen’s plight to raise money for the homeless through the charity Crisis makes this a worthy purchase straight away. However, not only will be you be doing something to help others not as fortunate as yourself, you’ll also be getting a sweet and memorable rock banger.

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Yes, Shine A Light is a catchy affair with strong melodies and an excellent vocal performance that will have you singing along loudly and proudly.

As the cold wind blows through the alley of fear, angels dirty faces breadline of tears
Here I am all on my own nowhere to stay nowhere to go
Look at me I’m not even known, I’m looking for a doorway to call my home
Tell me what you see, is it my destiny, please show me some empathy
And shine a light for me


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Shine A Light by Queensman
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