Single Slam – Restless Soul by Rotten Mind (Fading into Oblivion)

Swedish punk rockers, Rotten Mind, released a new single called Restless Soul on the 7th of June. Restless Soul was released via Lövely Records and is the first song from their third album, Fading into Oblivion.

Fading into Oblivion was recorded at the Communichaos Media Clay Station by Mattias Kennhed and combines the energetic, punk sounds from their debut, I’m Alone Even With You and their self titled second album with a more mature sound. Restless Soul is a fine example of this tweaked tone with a darker, more melancholy sound. Something that will feature heavily on an album which is very personal to the band. Fading into Oblivion will be released on the 5th of September.

Restless Soul

Rotten Mind are a 4 piece with Jakob on guitars and vocals and Johan on lead guitars. Rune is on the bass and Victor is the drummer.

Restless Soul is just under 4 minutes long. It starts off with a catchy mid tempo drum rhythm and guitars before the vocals join in. There is a nice raw edge to the vocals. They sit a little back behind the music as they are delivered cleanly but with passion. The guitars don’t really switch up much throughout the track other than occasional chord shifts. The bass and drums lay a nice foundation and the quicker drum fills nearing the end are solid and enjoyable.

Restless Soul has a bit more of a classic rock, almost 90’s indie, feel to it. You do get a little touch of the punk edge, more in the vocal delivery but you get a sense of the atmospheric, sombre tones Rotten Mind are feeling with this track. Everything works nicely together though with every member perfectly complimenting each other making for an ultimately very listenable and enjoyable rock song.

Restless Soul is available now on all the usual streaming platforms like Apple music and Spotify. You can grab more of Rotten Mind’s music from their Bandcamp page here. You can also get this single, and more, from the links below. Check out Rotten Mind on Facebook and Instagram for more information. Be sure to give them a like or follow while you are there.

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Restless Soul by Rotten Mind (Fading into Oblivion)
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