Single Slam: Radio by Rammstein (Rammstein)

Album after album, Rammstein have proved they were and are one the strongest bands in metal and live, few can compare. I’ve been very lucky to have seen them a couple of times and they never disappoint. Those going to the UK date in July are in for a treat, for sure.


When those dates were announced it seemed to suggest that a new album was almost certainly around the corner. Happily that has now been confirmed, Rammstein will release their self titled new album on May 17th 2019. At the same time as that announcement we also got the first single from that album, the aptly titled Deutschland. You can read our review of that track here.

The second single from Rammstein’s upcoming new album, Deutschland is called Radio and is available to stream now. After a strong but familiar showing with the title track, how is this new song?

It’s a mixed bag if I am honest. On the one hand, it’s again very familiar, particularly if you’re familiar with their very early output. In fact, it reminds me of songs from the Sehnsucht era and the opening metal riff mixed with electronica is initially quite exciting but that’s as heavy as it gets. This is a track that leans way more towards melodic electronica then anything else and it will certainly not please everyone.

Is it good? Yes and no. it’s very unique, that much is certain but the chorus just doesn’t sit right. Simply put, I don’t love this one.


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Radio by Rammstein (Rammstein)
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