Single Slam: Private Room by Counterparts (Pure Noise Records)

Canadian metallers, Counterparts, have delivered a new single called Private Room. Private Room was released on the 7th of September via Pure Noise Records.

Melodic hardcore, metalcore, hardcore, hardcore punk and any other sub genre you can think of with the word core in it have all been attributed to Counterparts at some stage. They have been around since 2007 and released 5 studio albums and 3 EPs, including this one, in that time. They have received critical acclaim for their last two albums, Tragedy Will Find Us and You’re Not You Anymore and are a band on a real upward curve. Momentum is with them and they look most like the band to take melodic hardcore out of the clubs and into the bigger venues at the moment.

Counterparts are a 5 piece with founding member Brendan Murphy on lead vocals. He is the only surviving original member though. On rhythm guitar, joining the band in 2013 is Adrian Lee. Lead guitars and backing vocals are with Blake Hardman who joined in 2016. The other two members both joined in 2017 and are drummer Kyle Brownlee and bassist Tyler Williams. Tyler also adds more backing vocals.

Private Room

That is quite a lot of disruption in a short space of time. I imagine this single, Private Room, is a very important song for the band. With all the changes that have taken place, can they maintain momentum or is this starting again?

Private Room is one of those singles that isn’t really a single. It actually has 3 tracks on it. You could argue that is an EP though the three tracks only weigh in at 7 minutes long in total. What a powerful seven minutes it is though. So much so that you don’t even nearly feel short changed. Being short, there is no real time for any fluff, instead the band deliver 3 short blasts of emotive, passionate and heavy music. Opener Monument is just under 2 minutes long but leaves you feeling immensely satisfied. Intense, crunching riffs backed by huge drum blasts couple nicely with the viciously aggressive vocals. The little stop start, progressive side of the riff keeps it fresh while you sit there in awe.

Selfishly I Sink comes next and continues the excellence with another 2 minutes ish blast of furiously passionate metalcore. There is a thicker sound to the main riff with a lot of bass on show. Brownlee’s drums are on fire as they pound like thunder and the vocals pour out in a harsh style but with feeling. You really feel like they mean every word, and note, of their songs.

Private Room ends with We Forgive which is a superb song. A short drum intro leads into a crescendo of vocals and guitars. In the first verse, the instruments fade back to a more melodic sound with faded vocals. This works well, keeping the song fresh but also allowing the incoming heaviness to sound bigger and harder coming from a gentler lead in. With everything back in, the track continues the EP trend with powerful lyrics, strong and emotional vocals mixed with impressive drum rhythms and intelligent riffs.

A little additional nod should go the lyrics. They are like poetry, thought provoking and intriguing. We Forgive, especially has some of the best lyrical content I have heard in some time. Here is a short snippet so you see what I mean. “Moving forward from my former self, I haven’t missed me yet. We are not known for our forgiveness, only the acts that we forgive. I would much prefer our fate resting in the palms of open hands rather than confined in a clenching fist”. Damn!

Private Room is a brilliant EP. You have to knock a point off for it being seven minutes. That is really short but what a wonderful seven minutes. Disappointment only comes because you end so desperate for more. Counterparts have lost none of their momentum at all with line up changes and instead look set to conquer all. I can’t wait to hear more.

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Grab a copy of Private Room now on all the usual streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Head on over to Pure Noise here, or the band’s site, here to pick up some merch and other music. Find out more on Counterparts at their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Private Room by Counterparts (Pure Noise Records)
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