Single Slam: Not Alone [2.0] by White Raven Down

Essex, UK up and coming rock band, White Raven Down have released the video for the track Not Alone taken from their Conspiracy EP. The audio has been remixed by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine and Stone Broken) to give it a 2.0 flavour.

We like White Raven Down. We like them a lot. We look at them and can see a band that could be huge in the future if they continue to work as hard as they currently do.

They just seem to get how to be a band in modern times. Huge social media presence, building and securing a tight fanbase before spreading their wings and heading out around the country. Then there is the music. A tightly controlled slab of hard rock that is both radio friendly and filled with head-bangers at the same time.

Join the conspiracy indeed.

This new release just cements everything we already know. For starters…the video is a banger. Very professional and so very rock and roll. As for the song? It’s simple really…it’s a catchy banger that highlights everything great about this band.

From the groovy as heck riffs to the powerful yet restrained vocals to the depth the bass adds to the rhythm and the meatiness of the drums. It’s impossible to not bang your head along to this track but you already know that, right?

If not, check it out yourself below:


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Not Alone [2.0] by White Raven Down
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