Single Slam: Nightrage, Mastiff, Alien Weaponry, In.Bloom, Jinjer, Times of Grace, Light By the Sea, Gus. G, Druid and Call It Out!

This week’s single slam features Nightrage, Mastiff, Alien Weaponry, In.Bloom, Jinjer, Times of Grace, Light By the Sea, Gus. G, Druid and Call It Out!. You can read our thoughts about the latest singles from these bands below.

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Nightrage – Falsifying Life

Falsifying Life has a melody that hooks you in straight from the off. Familiar rasping vocals backed by all that is good and great in melodic death metal. Deep drum blasts, a punchy, bassy riff and guitars blazing out melodic lead lines. The chorus is catchy and the solo is top notch. The drums in the solo really stand out too and just try not headbanging to that closing sequence.

In typical Nightrage fashion, they release a new song and it’s a banger. That’s two singles down from the new album. The first was the album title track, Abyss Rising and that’s another top notch metal track. The album is due out later this year and based on the first single and Falsifying Life, it’s going to be one of the best of 2021. Check it out here.

Mastiff – Endless

What a week it’s been for blackened sludge/grindcore/power-violence band, Mastiff. As well as announcing their signing to the label eOne, they also announced the release date of their brand-new album ‘Leave Me the Ashes of the Earth (Sept 10th 2021) and dropped the first single, Endless.

This is a savage track and Mastiff are giving it their all. A track that walks confidently up to you and smashes you right in the face. Focused aggression, the shifts in tempo do little to alleviate the pressure caused by the slamming of instruments. It’s clear that Mastiff wanted to showcase the heavy on this first single and it certainly suggest the full album is going to be one hell of a beast.

Alien Weaponry – Tangaroa

The wait is over – international metal stars Alien Weaponry have returned with a vengeance, announcing the release of their fervid upcoming sophomore release, Tangaroa, out 17th September 2021 via Napalm Records. The band have released their first taste of the mighty record with the album’s colossal title track, ‘Tangaroa’. Accompanied by a gripping music video, the track details the pressing theme of climate change and illegal fishing practices. Through raising this awareness, Alien Weaponry hope to support the important work and efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

A hell of a head-banger, the chugginess of the guitars is to die for here. Alien Weaponry set the bar for this new album high with Tangaroa. There’s a ton of groove to this and you can’t help but think of early Soulfly at times and Gojira at others. The Maroi infusion sounds so good but the main riff is what will drive those neck muscles into working overtime. That it also has such an important message too, is all the better.

In.Bloom – Clover

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania – In.Bloom is a 4 piece band that at heart is focused on writing and playing hardcore music, but do not shy away from adding twists and elements from other genres like post-metal and post-rock. They officially formed in 2020 amidst the pandemic, although were casually jamming and writing music together years before. They have now released the single Clover.

A passionate display from a young band looking to make an impact on a bloated scene. Clover’s blend of hardcore fercoity and tight post-rock melodic passages will certainly help gain them attention. It’s a surprisingly detailed and layered effort that packs in a lot in just 3:35. The sort of track that finishes and you immediately hit play again on. Next thing you know, you’ve listened to it 10 times in a row. Check it out here.

Jinjer – Vortex

Teased over the last few months with just the hashtag #JINJER4, Jinjer have now dropped the biggest heavy music news of the year: the release their long-awaited new studio album, Wallflowers, on 27th August via Napalm Records. The band have also unveiled the album’s first single ‘Vortex’.

Holy hell, Jinjer are back and they mean business here. A vortex of metal that spins you around and leaves you disorientated but grinning from ear to ear. The hypnotic vocals that erupt into pure fury, the guitars that go from smooth groove to crushing brutality… this is a really refined performance from Jinjer. It shows just how far they’ve come as it’s layered with clever complexities while being undeniably heavy. This band is ready to take over the world.

Times of Grace – Medusa

Times of Grace will release their long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second album, Songs of Loss and Separation on July 16th, 2021. Medusa is the second single to be released from it and deals with broken/abusive relationships.

Moody and melodramatic, Medusa is a slow-burn of a track that builds to a nice eruption of heavy groove. The guitar riffs cut through the brain matter, the chunkiness of the percussion constricts, and Jesse Leach’s vocals are as immense as you would expect. It’s a powerful effort that drips in heavy splendour while still having moments of melodic levity. Check it out here.

Light By the Sea – Chelsea is a Mermaid and She’s Soaking In

Avant-Garde Rock band Light By The Sea have released their new single, Chelsea is a Mermaid and She’s Soaking In.

Good god, this is weird. That might seem like a given when you see an ‘avant-garde’ description but Light By the Sea are pushing the boundaries here. Eclectic melody, eerie vocals, strange effects layered throughout and lyrics that seem to be telling a story that is much darker and emotional then it might at first seem.

There’s something so very addictive about this oddity. It really is like sinking into an old lullaby. Check it out here.

Gus G – Fierce

Guitar shredder and string virtuoso Gus G has released his new single ‘Fierce’.

If there is one thing you can be sure of with Gus G is that you’re going to get some impressive guitar wizardry and to the surprise of no-one, Fierce delivers. However, it also delivers a welcome straight-forward slice of head-banging heavy metal that moves at a hyperactive tempo from beginning to end.

You can tell that Gus G was having some fun with this one ( the video is class) and while he does go way over the top with his soloing, it sounds so damn good, who cares?

Druid – I, Exist (Voices)

Aussie metalcore/nu-metal band Druid are summoning all their mana to announce their brand new single and video – ‘I, Exist (Voices)’. The third single from them from an album to come later in the year, they’ve also just been added to the Pulse of the Maggots streaming festival that Knotfest are doing on June 25 (June 26 in Australia).

Spitting fire, Druid showcase an intense hybrid of metalcore and nu-metal on their new single. The different vocal styles, melody and overall energy is very memorable but the killer moment comes when the track drops into soft melody only to rise back up in a super uplifting way. Check it out here.

Call It Out! – Dead Ends (Shadows)

Anyone remotely interested in the angsty and loud sounds of mid-2000s rock and pop-punk will love “Dead Ends (Shadows),” a fiery single from Toronto’s four-piece, Call It Out! Dead Ends (Shadows) is part of Call It Out!’s five-song EP, Anywhere But Here.

Dealing with the subject of gaslighting in relationships, Call it Out! combine powerful lyrical content with pop-punk energy here. Don’t be put off by the pop-punk moniker though, there’s a lot more to this track. Least of all the excellent drum beat and unexpected guitar solo. Although it probably won’t be that much of a surprise to learn that the track’s major selling point is it’s incredibly catchy chorus. Check it out here.

Single Slam
  • Nightrage - Falsifying Life - 9/10
  • Mastiff – Endless - 9/10
  • Alien Weaponry - Tangaroa - 8/10
  • In.Bloom - Clover - 8/10
  • Jinjer - Vortex - 8.5/10
  • Times of Grace – Medusa - 7/10
  • Light By the Sea - Chelsea is a Mermaid and She’s Soaking In - 6.5/10
  • Gus G - Fierce - 7/10
  • Druid - I, Exist (Voices) - 9/10
  • Call It Out! - Dead Ends (Shadows) - 7/10
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