Single Slam – Midnight Wolf (The Hellhound Fury) by Dream Troll

Yorkshire based, heavy metal outfit, Dream Troll, have released a surprise new single called Midnight Wolf (The Hellhound Fury).

Dream Troll only recently released their latest album, Second to None. Read about that here. That album dropped in June so another track already is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. The champions of NWOTHM are big favourites of us here at GBHBL. We have loved everything they have put out so far from The Knight of Rebellion to The Witch’s Curse. They barely put a foot wrong for us so far in their short career.

Dream Troll are Matt Baldwinson and Paul Carter on guitars with Paul Walsh on vocals. Simon Blakelock is on drums and Paul Thornton is on the bass.

Midnight Wolf

Midnight Wolf is just over 6 minutes long. Being a cut from the album, the sound and style continues the same. We get some melody in the intro before a slowish riff and catchy beat takes over. Throughout the track we switch to different styles with a bit of stop/start riffing and shouted backing vocals. There are more melodic sections and a really strong chorus. The chorus is really great, it really gets stuck in your head for days. As the song moves on the pace picks up and the drums really stand out before the guitars take over for solo time. As I have come to expect from Dream Troll, the solo is great just adding a little more fire and punch to an already enjoyable track.

Midnight Wolf is another great track from a band that are pretty dependable when it comes to quality releases. I’m not sure I understand the logic in releasing another single that sounds like it should have been on Second to None so quickly after the albums release but it’s weird to complain about getting more music from a band you like so let’s leave that there. So, what we get with Midnight Wolf is another great song continuing on the bands mission of taking the old and making it new again. In the resurgent genre of traditional metal, or NWOTHM, Dream Troll are one of the leaders. Midnight Wolf just adds another track to a growing back catalogue of quality music at the bands disposal.

Midnight Wolf is available on YouTube above. Their most recent release, Second to None, and a ton of quality merch is available on Bandcamp here while the album can also be found on all the normal streaming services.

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Midnight Wolf (The Hellhound Fury) by Dream Troll
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