Single Slam – MCCXIX by Vanir

Danish Viking metallers Vanir have released a new single called MCCXIX which comes with both and English and Danish version of the track.

MCCXIX was released on Friday the 26th of July via Mighty Music. Vanir formed in 2009 and have released 5 full length albums so far including the album Allfather which came out earlier this year. Vanir are a 5 piece with Martin Håkan on vocals and Kirk Backarach on lead guitars. Rhythm Guitars are with Phillip Kaaber and the bass is with Lars Bundvad. Daniel Kronskov is the drummer and Stefan Dujardin is on the keys.


Vanir have a bit of a mix of sub genres going on, with earlier albums incorporating a lot of folk elements. Later albums have veered more heavily towards melodic death metal and Viking metal. The themes of their music are Nordic mythology and historical interpretations. So pretty much right up my street then.

MCCXIX is exactly this as well with huge melodic guitars, chunky riffs and death metal styled vocals. The vocals are deep and growled throughout the whole song while the guitars mix between different riffs and soaring melodic lines all with plenty of pace and power. The drums and bass lay down a punchy rhythm and the backing from the keys is light enough to just add a touch of atmosphere without overpowering the track. It is a really catchy track. A very enjoyable listen that grabs your attention pretty much from the off. The huge guitar sounds and powerful drums are impossible not to like as the song blazes through in a glorious mix of air punching, head banging and horn raising. Check it out below!

MCCXIX is a solid track. It is very early Amon Amarth so there is a little of the “heard it all befores” to it but it is still a very good song. As mentioned above, there are two versions of the song on this single. One in English and one in Danish. Really, they are both fine though there is something a bit more authentic in listening to the Danish version. The vocals on both songs are harsh enough that most of the lyrics are not crystal clear so it isn’t going to make a huge difference, either way.


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MCCXIX by Vanir
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