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Love Exists is a stand alone single from Amy Lee, best known in rock circles for being the singer of the band, Evanescence. It isn’t part of an album or anything like that. Instead it is just a labour of love from Amy Lee who fell for a song she heard on the radio and wanted to do a cover of sorts. The original track is called L’amore Esiste and is the work of Francesca Michielin. Amy Lee has translated it and put her own spin on it. It is a well timed decision to get music out too with Evanescence back in the studio and planning to release a new album in 2017.

That would be their first album since their self titled debut which was released in 2011. Amy Lee also has a new song due out in April as part of the soundtrack to the movie Voice from the Stone featuring Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). That song is called Speak to Me and is due out with the movie in April.

Love Exists

Love Exists is 3 and a half minutes long and is a beautifully sung, deep ballad. What Love Exists isn’t though, is a rock song. Not really. She may be a rock singer, fronting a rock band, but this song is about as rock or metal as Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. Amy Lee is rightly highly regarded for her beautiful voice and haunting tones and they are definitely showcased on this track. Her style of singing does give this song a sort of darker, more pained, feel than if sung by one of her pop counterparts but it is completely devoid of live instruments like guitars. It is purely a singer showing off her immense talent.

If you can deal with that, you will find here a lovely song sung by a lady with a magnificent voice. If you saw an Amy Lee release and expected a few guitars too, you will be disappointed.

Amy gave a little information on how Love Exists came to exist – “When I was in Italy I fell in love with a song I heard on the radio there. It seemed to follow me everywhere, got under my skin and just wouldn’t leave. Love is anything but simple. It manifests itself in countless forms. It can be inconvenient. Painful. Easier to ignore than to trust. Can we be brave enough to love, knowing it’s going to hurt? Can we drop our cynicism long enough to see beyond the frustrations, the discontentment, the fear of the unknown and the anger for all we can’t control? Love is all around. Even in the darkest places. And it is worth everything. Look out, look in. Love exists.”

It isn’t the sort of song I will listen to much, maybe ever again, but it is a beautiful song. The girl can really sing but I do feel they really missed a trick here. Surely, with Evanescence back in the studio, they should have got the band to play the music. They could have released it as a beautiful rock ballad from Evanescence. That would have been some way to announce the return of a band who have been away for some time.

Still, a lovely song but be warned, this is Amy Lee in full on pop ballad mode, not in rocking front woman mode.

Check it our for yourself here. It is available on all the usual streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify now. Why not keep an eye on Amy Lee’s Facebook and Twitter account for future release information and other news. You might want to keep an eye on Evanescence’s Facebook and Twitter too. If you are one of the people who have been waiting for them to return of course.


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