Single Slam: Last Day Under the Sun by Volbeat (Rewind, Replay, Rebound)

Following on from the previous single Leviathan, Volbeat have released the second song from their upcoming new album; Rewind, Replay, Rebound. The new track is called Last Day Under the Sun and is available to stream via all major services now.

No major surprises here, in just the way Leviathan was, this is Volbeat doing what Volbeat do best. Rock and roll catchiness, strong guitar riffs and Michael Poulsen’s fantastic vocals. Whereas Leviathan was fast and peppy, Last Day Under the Sun is a bit more mellow and reflective sounding. The riffs are still very prominent but it is the melody that dominates throughout.

Here we get lengthy choruses with the repeated title of the track being sung over and over again. Fairly generic sounding, it gets tiresome even when it’s Poulsen that is singing it. Culminating in a very familiar guitar solo, drop then build back up with the main vocals accompanied by a choir. It’s so very Volbeat, safe and secure but not exactly taking much in the way of risks.

At this rate it’s hard to be too excited about the new album as based off the two singles heard so far it seems fairly uninspired.


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Last Day Under the Sun by Volbeat (Rewind, Replay, Rebound)
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