Single Slam: Judgement (& Punishment) by Jinjer (Macro)

Ukrainian metallers Jinjer will release their fourth studio album, Macro on October 25th and to sate fans desire, dropped the first song from it called, Judgement (& Punishment).

After working their arses off in the underground, Jinjer are finally beginning to reap the rewards. Their popularity growing and growing, so to follow up this year’s EP, Micro so soon is smart. Strike while the iron is hot and all that.

We think Jinjer are a talented band and certainly deserve to be in a more prominent spot within the metal world. We’re just not convinced they’re the next ‘big’ thing. A big thing for sure but not the conquering metal band some outlets would have you believe.

We’re waiting to have our mind changed but Judgement (& Punishment) is not the track to do that unfortunately.

It’s starts off well enough, depth to the chuggy riffs and sounding really meaty. The expectation of it really opening up a can of kick ass is there and then we get…reggae. No, that’s not a joke, Jinjer drop into a reggae beat with vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk putting on faux accent too. It’s so bloody weird and honestly, I don’t like it.

It just feels like a joke and is so jarring against the heavier segments which are pretty fun of the mill death metal too. If Jinjer wanted to show they can be varied, then the job is well and truly done but this variation doesn’t result in something groundbreaking or really memorable. At least memorable for the right reasons.

You have think that if the rest of the new album is more traditional Jinjer, then how much is this song going to stand out like a sore thumb? A good thing or a bad thing? We think the latter.


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Judgement (& Punishment) by Jinjer (Macro)
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