Single Slam – In Abhorrence by Nightrage (The Venomous)

Melodic death metal masters, Nightrage, have released a new single from their soon to be released new album. That single is called In Abhorrence and is the 3rd single released so far. The new album, called The Venomous, is due out on the 31st of March via Despotz Records. It follows on from the excellent first single, The Venomous, and the even better second, Affliction.

The Venomous will be Nightrage’s 7th full release. It follows on from the popular 2011 release, Insidious, and the excellent 2015 release, The Puritan. The quality of music so far suggests The Venomous could be Nightrage’s biggest and boldest album so far.

In Abhorrence

Nightrage’s line up is spearheaded by the inspirational Marios Iliopolous who is the founding member and lead guitarist of the band. Alongside Anders Hammer on the bass, Ronnie Nyman on vocals, Lawrence Dinamarca on drums and Magnus Soderman on guitars, they seem settled and strong and that has been reflected in the quality of their music so far.

Can In Abhorrence keep the upward trend going?

At 3 minutes and 37 seconds long, it instantly grabs you with that recognisable Nightrage guitar melody. It goes straight in to a neat lead guitar line before a roar from Ronnie Nyman kicks the song up in speed and aggression by a few notches. Fast drums, an strong groove riff and shouted vocals make the verses the heaviest of the 3 singles out so far. The choruses stay shouted but the lead guitar comes in to play some weaving lines to make it sound massive. A little solo is followed by an infectious riff section that lead back into a second heavy verse. The big chorus comes back in and is immediately followed by a longer solo that I love.

Marios is such an immensely talented guitarist and he is backed brilliantly by Anders Hammers bass line and Lawrence Dinamarca’s impressive drum skills. A final heavy verse comes in with Ronnie on fine form as he spits out lyrics at speed. One last big chorus is followed by a heavy musical breakdown and then a sudden stop.

In Abhorrence is another great song from Nightrage and is also very different than the previous releases. This is Nightrage’s heavier side, focusing on the riff and more death metal side of the game. There is melody here but not in the form of clean singing and no acoustic guitars melodies or anything like that. It is a heavy song built on a solid riff with magical flourishes. These guys sound so tight and together right now and the result is music that is interesting, heavy and fresh.

In Abhorrence is yet another very strong song from a band that are unfortunate not to be bigger than they are. This album could be the one that changes all that. Since I became a fan, they have released quality metal after quality metal and they are one of my favourite bands. The Venomous is shaping up to be one of the best albums of 2017 on this form. I can’t wait to hear it.

Check out In Abhorrence for yourself here. It is also available now on all the usual streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to check the band out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and give them a like or follow. If you like what you hear, why not preorder the new album?


In Abhorrence by Nightrage (The Venomous)
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