Single Slam: I’m Alive by Leona X

Good gods is Leona X a talented individual! Let’s get that clear right off the bat. As a guitarist and as a vocalist, she delivers a stirring and provoking performance on her new single ‘I’m Alive’.

In her own words:

It was written under a Full Taurus Moon, and recorded during the Full Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on January 10th, also known as the Full Wolf Moon. The release date is set for March 9th on the day of the Super Full Worm Moon! Meaning this song will have been written, recorded, and released under 3 very powerful full moons!

Dripping with metal groove, I’m Alive is first and foremost a foot-tapping, finger snapping head-banger. A track that is very easy to find yourself lost in as the hard-riffs combine with Leona’s mournful-like vocals. Backed by the bass talents of Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult) and the drums of Vinne Castaldo (who also engineered, mixed, mastered, and co-produced the single at The Tone Factory), it really does result in a banger of a listen.

That’s before we even get to the frantic guitar solo and atmospheric drop. Here, the song takes on new life as vocals build in power almost leading the way for the instruments to come back in with some serious vigour.

If you’re not head-banging along at this point, you might need to get yourself checked out by a doctor. I suspect the diagnosis will be ‘not enough of Leona X’ so probably best you hit play again and again.


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I'm Alive by Leona X
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