Single Slam – Gods Go First by Omnium Gatherum (The Burning Cold)

Finnish metallers, Omnium Gatherum, have released a brand new song called Gods Go First. Gods Go First will feature on their latest album, The Burning Cold, which is due out on the 31st of August via Century Media.

Omnium Gatherum are pretty consistent with album releases so it has only been two years since we last had music from them. That was 2016’s album Grey Heavens which is really good. The Burning Cold is the band’s 8th studio album since their formation back in 1996. They didn’t actually release their first album, Spirits and August Light, until 2003 though so 8 albums in 15 years is a great return for fans. Like many bands with a long tenure behind them, Omnium Gatherum have had many line up changes through their existence.

Gods Go First

Only one original member still exists int he band today and that is lead guitarist, Markus Vanhala who is also the lead guitaist in Insomnium. Also on guitars is Joonas Koto (Jope) and on bass is Erkki Silvennoinen. The vocalist is Jukka Pelkonen and drummer is Tuomo Latvala. Finally, on keyboards we have Aapo Koivisto.

Gods Go First is 4 and a half minutes long and is a cracking song. It starts with a nice riff and quick paced drum before jumping into a huge sounding melodic guitar and keys section. It is wonderful on the ears even if it has a touch of 80’s stadium rock about it. Vocals are delivered with a growl while the bass rumbles along nicely holding the song up and allowing the guitars and keys to meander off into melodic and ethereal worlds.

The chorus is catchy and I like how the style switches up occasionally to allow for a little more heaviness to seep through. As you would expect, and hope, there is a huge solo which moves through many different phases, speeds and tones. The drums switch up the rhythm under the solo so you basically get 2 minutes of air guitar heaven. As the vocals come in near the end, they are softly and cleanly sung over the same main hook before it all kicks in for one more heavy verse and catchy chorus. Top quality metal from the cleaner side of the melodic death metal genre.

Speaking about the new single, Omnium Gathering said – “”Gods Go First’ is about the will and the power of it, like good ol’ Yoda says ‘do, or do not, there is no try’ — Gods go first to the absolute, and to nothingness! Catchy wild ride with a lot of nasty shameless musicianship included. Sure this one’s gonna be a killer live tune which will get a lot of mosh pits rolling! We wanted to make an intensive old-school video with just the band and nothing else, and team captured well this moment of playing in a tiny old barn in the middle of nowhere.”

Gods Go First is available on all the usual streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify now. You can preorder The Burning Cold from here. Find out more about Omnium Gatherum at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages by following the links.

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Gods Go First by Omnium Gatherum (The Burning Cold)
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