Single Slam – Where Did It Go? by Asking Alexandria (Asking Alexandria)

British rock/metal core band Asking Alexandria have released a new single called Where Did It Go?. Where Did It Go? will feature on the band’s self titled album due out on the 15th of December via Sumerian Records. It will be the first album released since the return of previous frontman Danny Worsnop.

Worsnop was the vocalist for all of Asking Alexandria’s first 4 records before parting ways with the band due to wanting to focus on his other band, We Are Harlot. Denis Stoff was brought in as the vocalist and the band released their 5th album, The Black. Not long after, rumours of reconciliation between founding member Ben Bruce (lead guitar) and Danny Worsnop started appearing and now, a year later e have new music and a new album due.

Alongside Worsnop on vocals and Bruce on guitars the band are James Cassells on drums, Cameron Liddell on guitars and Sam Bettley on the bass.

Where Did It Go?

Where Did It Go? is just over 3 minutes long in total. It has a very pop sounding intro with a gentle drum and almost rapped soft vocals. The track kicks in a little with some heavier vocals and a clean ringing riff. There is a nice mixture of clean vocals with uncleans in the backing and a catchy mid tempo rhythm to the faster sections. It fades back into the pop music verse again though with more speedily delivered soft vocals over bland melodic music. This time it starts building and showing a bit of fire as it nears the end, turning into harsher vocals ending with a shout of Fuck You All.

It leads into a breakdown of sorts, not a very heavy one though with decent guitars and drums and a little too much sampling in the background for my taste. Another soft verse with lots of keys/sampling in the background comes in before we get one final chorus to close.

You can preview the track below –

Not known for lacking in self confidence, Danny Worsnop tweeted – “Just listened over the new Asking Alexandria album and legitimately wept over how good it is”.

Fans of the band will be over the moon, I think. Danny is a god like figure to them and his return is welcomed. As a song though it is a mixed bag. Lyrically it is very well written and vocally it is sung well. The chorus is very catchy too. You get the feeling that it means a lot to the band and there is plenty of emotion and passion on show. The verses for me though are dull and bland and while I like how they build eventually into the chorus, I found them boring to sit through. Other then in a few short phases, the guitars and drums often feel like an afterthought with the focus purely being on Worsnop.

Where Did It Go? is by no means a bad song. It shows a band maturing and evolving outside of standard metalcore fare. Fans of the band will worship it. Fans of Worsnop will worship him. For those on the fence, this is unlikely to push you either way. It is neither offensively bad or mind-blowingly good.

Check it out for yourself over at Sumerian Records on YouTube. Where Did It Go? is available now on all the usual streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. You can also pick it up via the links below. The new album can be preordered from here. Find out more about Asking Alexandria on Instagram, Twitter, at their website and on Facebook. Be sure to give them a Like and a Follow while you are there.

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Where Did It Go? by Asking Alexandria (Asking Alexandria)
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