Single Slam – Fit for a King by Entombed AD (Century Media)

Swedish death metallers, Entombed AD, have released a brand new single called Fit for a King. Fit for a King is released via Century Media Records though there is now news on a new album just yet. It is coming though, so hopefully we will hear more in the coming weeks.

Entombed AD formed out of the ashes of one of the big 4 of Swedish death metal, of course called Entombed. Entombed last release was in 2007 with Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments though they officially only stopped when Alex Hellid, one of the founders of the band, and guitarist left in 2014. The remainder of the band also quit Entombed as Hellid still held the rights to the name. The other band members became Entombed AD almost immediately. They released their debut, Back to the Front, in the same year before following it up with 2016’s Dead Dawn.

Entombed AD are Lars-Göran Petrov on vocals with Nico Elgstrand and Guilherme Miranda on guitars. Olle Dahlstedt is the drummer and on bass we have Victor Brandt.

Fit for a King

Fit for a King is around 3 and a half minutes long and is a fast, dark and dirty slab of Swedish death metal. Pretty much what you would expect. A fast and loose drum rhythm and riff start the song off at hyper speed. The vocals are gruff and sinister, coming in at different pitches to spit bile all over the bass heavy metal sounds. While Fit for a King focuses on in your face fury, it takes a few seconds every now and then to allow the rhythm to offer a bit more groove and structure before ramping the speed and power up and taking off again.

As the songs nears an end there is time for a filthy sounding instrumental section that is sure to get heads banging. This leads into a blazing solo before the vocals come crashing back in for a final section of chaotic, pit destroying fury.

Fit for a King is a decent track with a dark and almost sludgy feel to it. It doesn’t exactly rewrite the rule book or amaze in any way. It is just a solid slab of death metal that sounds exactly like what you would expect Entombed AD to release. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not every band, song or album is meant to rewrite history or create a new progressive side to a genre. Sometimes it is enough for them to just be genre filling and decent. That is what Fit for a King manages to be. A decent, enjoyable death metal track.

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Fit for a King is available now on the usual streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. You can grab a digital copy from here. No word on that 3rd album just yet though. Keep an eye on the band’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages for news on that album, and more.

Fit for a King by Entombed AD (Century Media)
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