Single Slam – Feel by While She Sleeps (You Are We)

While She Sleeps have just premiered their 5th, and presumably final, single from their new album. The song is called Feel and debuted on the 16th of April on Daniel P Carters Radio 1 Rock Show. The new album, You Are We, is due to be released very soon, on the 21st of April and is self released.

The album has been created by the band with support from the fans via a Pledge Music campaign which has seen While She Sleeps sell some absolutely brilliant bits of merch. You should definitely check it out.

You Are We has seen 4 single releases so far and all of them have been quite astonishing in regards to quality. They are exceptional songs from an exceptional band. Check out our reviews of Civil Isolation, Hurricane, You Are We and Silence Speaks featuring Oli Sykes to find out more.


On to Feel and I’m pleased to find that it is a very heavy one. Feel starts with the sound of an air raid siren. I imagine it will work well as a warning to get into the pit at their shows. A slow thumping drum over quickly spat vocals from Loz introduce the song before it jumps into a heavy riff section. More heavy vocals lead into secondary vocals from Matt. They are cleaner than Loz’s rasps but still carry weight.

Feel keeps getting faster and faster. It is driven by some exceptionally fast drum work from Adam. The drums roll along blisteringly with some really heavy riffs from Sean and Mat. The vocals are powerful, the music is driven and I can really see this song becoming a live favourite very quickly.

Feel moves into a heavy breakdown with roars from Loz before the band put their extensive harmonising skills to good use. Feel still feels heavy as it nears the end despite being more rhythmic. Slower drums with all vocalists working in perfect unison sounds brilliant and powerful and to top it off there is a glorious guitar line playing in the background.

One more heavy breakdown brings us through to a breathless close. That makes the band 5 for 5 in terms of quality. It also makes You Are We the most anticipated album of 2017. Feel is a great track. It didn’t quite grab me as quickly as a few of the other songs. That is more due to the quality of the other songs though. I liked it from the off. A couple listens down and I love it.

Feel will be available tomorrow, according to the band. Look out for it on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever else you source your music from. Don’t miss out.

Check the song out and a brief interview with the band here on Daniel P Carters show. Do hit up the pledge campaign to preorder the new album and pick up some awesome merchandise. Check out While She Sleeps on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be sure to like and follow their pages.

Have a look at our article here regarding While She Sleeps Tour dates in support of You Are We in the UK to pick up tickets.

  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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