Single Slam – Damnation by Democratus (Damnation)

Democratus return with the lead single from their highly anticipated second EP. This song, and the EP, is called Damnation. Prepare to be Democratized!

After a hugely successful 2018, the Welsh melodic death metallers look to start 2019 off with a bang with the release of Damnation. 2018 saw Democratus release their debut EP, Starting Again. You can read our thoughts on that EP here. They won the South Wales version of Metal 2 the Masses which saw them play at Bloodstock Festival 2018 on the hallowed New Blood Stage. They also made it into my Top Ten EPs of 2018, which you can read here.

Democratus are based in Cardiff, South Wales and are a 5 piece playing an exciting brand of melodic death metal. Expect hard hitting riffs, punchy groove and plenty of melody while the vocals move between guttural death and soaring, almost power metal cleans. Democratus are, on vocals, Steve Jenkins and on guitars, Kerrin Beckwith and Joey Watkins. Bass is with Stu “Spoon” Rake and Zak Skane is on the drums.

DamnationPhoto by Tim Finch Photography

Damnation, the EP, is due for release independently around May this year. This first track should be available to buy and stream on the 1st of February. Damnation starts off with a steady riff and a really cool drum beat before a deep, chugging groove takes over forming the spine of the song. A strong, heavy sound with a steady pace that just grabs you. We head straight into a chorus, after the intro, with a clean line of vocals being followed by a growled line. The back and forth creates a soundscape that instantly hooks on to you and refuses to let go. The sort of sound that will be bouncing around in your head for days afterwards.

The first verse comes at you with menacingly growled vocals blended beautifully in with the underlying groove laden rhythm. There is a little guitar wave that transitions the verse and chorus that is just brilliant. A small thing but it is often small things, moments, that elevate a song from good into great. The second verse keeps the strong, head banging pace flowing in a track that hooked me in from the first few notes. Damnation ends with more of the catchy chorus, with the vocal range being pushed a little further and higher this time, just another example of the tools Democratus have to hand. We head into a chugging instrumental section that is sure to get any remaining heads banging furiously along with everyone else before an emphatically delivered chorus closes the track.

Damnation is slightly raw still, like their debut, and in a good way. The production is really impressive actually sounding like a planned rawness that really suits the band. The overall tone is dark and heavy but with a touch of melodic beauty. The instruments and vocals all blend perfectly to become a single powerful sound rather than a collection of sounds. The vocals are great, the contrast between the melodic cleans and devilish growls is fantastic. Throw in catchy hooks, a brilliant chorus, a good riff and drum beat that will force even the most stubborn head to bang and it shows Democratus are definitely a band on the rise. One that you are all going to want to keep a very close eye on and one you should throw your support behind.

They impressed many people with their debut. They impressed me with their debut too. Damnation though, with 1 song, already sounds like a band that have grown tenfold or more. I can’t wait to hear more.

Keep up to date with Democratus news at their Facebook page. You can also check out some of their music at their YouTube channel. Head over to Bandcamp and grab yourself a copy of their debut EP, Starting Again, here.


Damnation by Democratus (Damnation)
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