Single Slam – Come With Me To The Other Side (Feat. Liv Kristine) by Orden Ogan (Gunmen)

Orden Ogan released a new single recently called Come With Me To The Other Side. Come With Me To The Other Side is the third single released from their new album entitled Gunmen. Gunmen is due for release in a couple days time – the 7th of July via AFM Records. Orden Ogan are a folk/power metal band from Germany who also infuse their tracks with touches of symphonic metal and some more traditional heavy metal sounds.

The band were formed in 1996 by Sebastian Grütling and Sebastian Levermann. Grütling departed 2011 leaving Levermann, lead guitars and vocals, as the sole founding member in the band. Alongside him are Tobi on guitars and Niels Löffler on the bass. Finally, on drums, we have Dirk Meyer-Berhorn.

The Other Side

Orden Ogan are quite new to me. It is only the singles for this latest album that made me take notice. I am now pretty excited for Gunmen. I really enjoyed the last single, Fields of Sorrow. Check out that review here.

I was excited to check out Come With Me To The Other Side. Power metal and guest female vocals can work really well. The guest singer in this instance is Liv Kristine. Liv Kristine is a wonderful singer and has guested on some of my favourite tracks. None more so than Cradle of Filth’s Nymphetamine. Liv was also famously the lead singer for symphonic metal band, Leaves Eyes though she left them in unhappy circumstances. Read more about that on our review of Leaves Eyes recent EP, Fires in the North, here.

The Other Side

Come With Me To The Other Side is another fantastic track. It is a powerful epic, running at over 6 minutes long. Starting with a gentle but sombre acoustic melody, Liv soon joins in and we have quite a nice, haunting ballad. The switch comes with a huge drum roll before all instruments join in together. The haunting ballad turns to a fast power metal song. A really quick drum beat and soaring guitars play a fantastically catchy tune.

A chorus with Levermann and Kristine together, alongside swooping guitar lines, sounds achingly beautiful and powerful before we head into the verse. The drum speed comes back with ferocity and the vocals are sang really well and at pace. The verse leads into that strong and catchy chorus again before we get a little bit of a drum breakdown.

Both Levermann and Kristine are accomplished singers and they sound wonderful together. They also sound very good individually. I am a fan of the joint vocals and really enjoy listening to these guys sing together. Kristine sings a solo verse and sounds hauntingly sultry. Her melodic voice over the fast tapping of drums is a wonderful sound.

We get a huge solo which moves through different speeds and phases which I really enjoy. It really swoops and soars and pulls you along on a wave of emotion. I love a big solo and this is one.

The whole track is a perfectly executed example of symphonic/power metal. I can’t, and won’t, fault it. I think it is a beautiful, uplifting but also sombre track. Both singers sound exceptional but you have to remark on Liv Kristine. What a voice she has! It goes without saying that the guitars from Tobi and Levermann are purposeful and passionate. The bass from Meyer-Berhorn holds the whole track together perfectly while adding some groove too.

Special mention must also go to the impressive drumming from Niels Loffler. Despite beingan anthem and occasionally ballad like style of the track, the drums are fast and heavy giving Come With Me To The Other Side a darker, thrashier edge.

Check it our for yourself here. Why not head on over to the band’s website and pre order the album? They have some pretty cool packages on offer too. You can also get the album or the single at the links below. Be sure to check out Orden Ogan’s website, Facebook or Twitter for more information on them and their music as well.


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Come With Me To The Other Side (Feat. Liv Kristine) by Orden Ogan (Gunmen)
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