Single Slam – Code of the Slashers by Cannibal Corpse (Red Before Black)

Cannibal Corpse have released a brutal new track called Code of the Slashers. It will feature on their brand new album called Red Before Black which is due out on the 3rd of November via Metal Blade Records.

Cannibal Corpse have already released 13 albums, before Red Before Black over a long and illustrious career. Their consistency over the years sees them held in revered status in the metal community. The American death metallers formed in 1988 and have released some absolute classic and brutal death metal albums including Eaten Back To Life, Vile, Gallery Of Suicide, Gore Obsessed and their last album, 2014’s A Skeletal Domain.

Cannibal Corpse are founding members Alex Webster on bass and Paul Mazurkiewicz on the drums. Rob Barrett is on rhythm guitar and Pat O’Brien is on leads. Finally we have George Fisher (Corpsegrinder) on vocals.


Code of the Slashers is just under 5 minutes long and starts with a really ominous sounding riff and dark drum rhythm. Visceral vocals join in, delivered in deep and violent sounding growls. The speed kicks up in all senses – faster drumming, faster vocal delivery and a bass heavy, chunky riff. In amongst the pure aggression and fury there is still a ton of rhythm. A quick solo near the end leads into a supremely heavy slow rhythm that will force your head to bang along with it.

Preview the song here –

Code Of The Slashers is guaranteed to please Cannibal Corpses army of fans in that there isn’t any weird change of direction or sudden switch to acoustics and ballads. This is raw, hard and heavy yet modern. Their evolution always comes in managing to keep their sound and production up to date while keeping their core the same. It is hard, heavy and very Cannibal Corpse yet manages to feel fresh. Tons of rhythm and bucket loads of violence are the order of the day from a band that are the masters of extreme death.

Bassist Alex Webster had the following to say –  “Throughout our career we’ve tried to improve the precision of both our musical execution and our album production, while still maintaining full-on aggression. Red Before Black continues in that direction, but might go even further on the aggressive side of things. It’s definitely precise, but it has a rawness to it that goes beyond anything we’ve done recently.”

Check out the track and the very NSFW video here. You can pick the single and more from the band up from the links below. Preorder Red Before Black from Metal Blade here. Check out Cannibal Corpse over at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with further news and music. Be sure to give them a Like or Follow while you are there.

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Code of the Slashers by Cannibal Corpse (Red Before Black)
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