Single Slam – Brief Exchange by Chino Moreno (DC’s Dark Nights Metal Soundtrack)

DC Entertainment are teaming up with Warner Bros Records and Marilyn Manson’s guitarist, and composer Tyler Bates to create a heavy metal soundtrack for the DC Comic, Dark Nights: Metal. There is no official release date yet but the first taste of music is out now with the single, Brief Exchange.

Tyler Bates, as well as being a talented guitarist, has also composed music for movies such as Watchmen, 300 and Guardians of the Galaxy. The soundtrack will be co-produced by Mike Elizondo who has worked with big names like Eminem, Dr Dre, Mastodon and Muse.

Brief Exchange has been recorded and written by lead singer of The Deftones, Chino Moreno. While not officially confirmed, it looks like the whole album will be made up of guest metal artists with new material written in line with the comic. Mastadon’s Brann Dailor has already released a song for the album, called Red Death.

Brief Exchange

On to Chino Moreno’s track and you would probably expect something a little Deftones like. If that is what you hope for, you won’t be too disappointed. Brief Exchange is just under 5 minutes long and is a decent track. Not mind blowingly amazing, but pretty decent.

Brief Exchange starts off with Moreno singing in a hushed, menacing whisper with a gentle drum backing and a lot of little electro, synth effects. It builds up to a nice chunky riff with thick bass tones. Typically there seems to be a lot of down tuning and groove to the undercurrent riff while the vocals mix between whispered with occasional raises in voice. Higher toned guitar leads come squealing over the top with a little synth still too giving a quite edgy progressive sound.

There are plenty of heavy parts and when it drops, boy does it drop. Moreno screams like a mad man, the guitars explode into powerful tones and the drums rain chaos. The song switches back and forward between crazy metal sections and darker brooding sections. Brief Exchange is an interesting listen and really sets this album up as looking like a strong and exciting listen.

Speaking about the album, writer of the Dark Nights: Metal comics, Scott Snyder said “I’m really honoured by this. So many of the Batman stories that Greg and I have worked on together have been fuelled or influenced by music that inspired us; this story in particular has rock and metal music as the engine driving it all. To have something like this come together is a huge thrill”.

Brief Exchange is available now at all the usual streaming services. There is no word on a release date for the album or any pre order details yet. Keep an eye out at DC Comics on Facebook or Twitter for that information.

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Brief Exchange by Chino Moreno (DC's Dark Nights Metal Soundtrack)
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