Single Slam – Blackened Call by Belzebubs (Century Media Records)

Blackened Call is the debut single from Belzebubs, originally purely an online comic series, that have evolved into a real life band. With a three record deal from Century Media now in their grasp, their first album will be out in February, 2019.

Hailing from the abysmal forests of the mystic North, Belzebubs have possessed a stealthy cult status throughout their existence. Originally summoned together in 2002, the band has succeeded in creating a thrilling blend of melodic black metal, guttural growls and vivid solos, forged with progressive twists and cinematic soundscapes. Accompanied by a new drummer and a three record deal with Century Media, Belzebubs finally feels fit to take on the (under) world.


Speaking about the new deal, the band stated “We are extremely proud to sign with Century Media on their 30th anniversary year, joining the likes of Watain, Tribulation, Moonsorrow, Insomnium and Rotting Christ, just to name a few. We have been busy composing new material, and can’t wait to get in the studio (and tour?) with our new drummer, Samaël, who’s brought a tight, progressive twist to our gritty yet melodic sound”.

Belzebubs are Obesyx on lead guitars, Hubbath on vocals and bass, Samaël on drums and Sløth on guitars and vocals. The comic the band have grown from is a huge hit. Having read a few samples to get an idea of what it is about, it is very funny. The first hard copy edition is being released via Penguin Random House in February 2019. You can preorder that from here or read the online comics, starting here. To give you an idea of what it is all about, the press release states the following:


“Juggling work and family can be… hell. Calvin & Hobbes meets Call of Cthulhu as the sensationally popular heavy metal web comic Belzebubs comes to print in a grim, goofy, and gorgeous hardcover. Belzebubs is a “trve kvlt mockumentary” focusing on the everyday challenges of family life: raising kids, running a small business, and making time for worship. Except the kids are named Lilith and Leviathan, the business is a black-metal band, and the worship… isn’t exactly aimed upstairs.

In a few short years, what started out as improvised social-media doodles has now become a wildly successful web comic with hundreds of thousands of fans. The irresistible cartooning of JP Ahonen (Sing No Evil) combines relatable slice-of-life humour with over-the-top occult antics and references from metal music to Lovecraftian horror, making Belzebubs a devil of a good time”.


On to the music though and Blackened Call is a two track single. The first track is the title track and the second is Maleficarum: The Veil of the Moon Queen, Pt1. Blackened Call is around 3 and a half minutes long and starts off with a crunching but melodic guitar blast. It is a fast and heavy track but the clear ringing, higher toned solos and guitar lines add a powerful and atmospheric feel over the much rawer riff and vocals. Occasional background synth effects come in sparingly. They build atmosphere while the drums absolutely rip along with stunning blasts and a meaty sound.

The second track is almost in complete contrast to the first. Maleficarum is a pure instrumental, atmospheric and almost symphonic black metal track. Lots of building, orchestral tones work beautifully in hand with choral vocal sections to create an intriguing listen that transports you to a dark forest at midnight.

A comical comic and now some top quality, atmospheric black metal. This is great stuff. With two tracks that are very different it shows they are a band with ideas and that bodes well for the full release. Definitely a couple of really good songs any self respecting black metal fan will need to check out. Belzebubs already look like a band that may just shake up the black metal scene a bit. They are worth following. The album could be something really special.

Blackened Call is available on the normal streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music now. You can also pick up a very limited edition, 7 inch physical edition from Century Media and from Backstage Rock. There are only 5oo of these available so get in there quick. Find out more about Belzebubs, the comic and the band at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Blackened Call by Belzebubs (Century Media Records)
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