Single Slam – Arrival by Soilwork (Verkligheten)

Swedish melodic death metallers, Soilwork, have released a new single called Arrival. Arrival will feature on the band’s 11th studio album called Verkligheten. Verkligheten, which translates to Reality, is due for release on the 11th January 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

Soilwork have been in the game for a long time forming way back in 1995. In their 23 year existence so far they have written 11 studio albums, 2 EPs, released a live album and two compilations as well as extensively touring. Basically, they keep busy. They are a 5 piece, plus a 6th touring member, with only one original founding member left in the band after all this time. That member is vocalist Björn Strid (Speed). Alongside Strid is keyboard player Sven Karlsson who has been in the band since 2001 and rhythm guitarist Sylvain Coudret, who joined in 2008. Joining in 2012, on lead guitar is David Andersson. More recently, joining in 2016 on drums is Bastian Thusgaard and in 2017, on bass is Taylor Nordberg as a touring member.


Anyone who knows me is aware I love melodic death metal. It is one of my favourite sub genres actually. I like Soilwork, I have a fair bit of their music and enjoyed their last release. That was 2015’s The Ride Majestic so I am relatively excited to get a new album in Verkligheten. Assuming Arrival is any good of course!

Well, it is. Really good actually. Arrival is around 3 minutes and 45 seconds in length and is up there with the best songs Soilwork have written. A short keyboard intro leads directly into a heavy riff. The drums are relentlessly fast and there is a strong riff topped off with a higher toned keys and a little guitar melody. The vocals join in, spat venomously with some exciting little guitar lines added in the background. It’s all heavy, fast but still catchy as hell.

The chorus kicks in bringing clean singing and lashings of melody. The drums are still firing off beats at impressive speed alongside the quick hits of the bass. Half way through the chorus, and extended roar then leads into a second chorus section. It is slightly fuller, more melody, more keys. It is really enjoyable to listen to and hooks you right in. A heavy second verse comes followed by the infectious chorus. This breaks down into a gentler melodic instrumental which in turn leads into a cracking solo before going back to the chorus. This goes through to almost the end where there is just time for a little more heaviness and harmonised vocal styles.

Arrival is a great song. Plenty heavy but with loads of melody too. The chorus is so catchy as is the main riff. There is a load of harmonising, a cracking solo and extremely impressive drumming throughout. Great song. If I had one criticism, it is hardly going to change the world. It is well played, well structured and well sung but it is also exactly what I would expect from a good melodeath song. Very enjoyable track.

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You can check out Arrival at Nuclear Blast’s YouTube page here. Arrival is available now on all the usual streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify. You can preorder Verkligheten from Nuclear Blast now. Find out more about Soilwork at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Soilwork have also been announced for the 2019 version of the UK’s best heavy metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air. They will appear alongside the likes of Scorpions, Sabaton and Cradle of Filth. You can grab tickets for that from here.


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Arrival by Soilwork (Verkligheten)
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