Single Slam – Affliction by Nightrage (The Venomous)

Greek/Swedish melodic death metal band Nightrage have released their second single from their new album, The Venomous. The new album is due to be released on March 31st via Despotz Records and will be the band’s 7th full length studio album, following on from their popular 2011 release, Insidious and their 2015 release, The Puritan. The band, often seen a bit as a side project in the years prior to this has moved on leaps and bounds in the last few years with a full, settled line up of talented musicians helping to form the band’s sound and point them in a direction that seems to be firmly upwards and forwards.

That line up is spearheaded by the inspirational Marios Iliopolous who is the founding member and lead guitarist of the band. Alongside Anders Hammer on the bass, Ronnie Nyman on vocals, Lawrence Dinamarca on drums and Magnus Soderman on guitars, they are determined, dedicated and, I hope, set to make Nightrage a household name amongst the whole metal family.

Nightrage Affliction2

They have already released one track from the new album, in late 2016. It was the title track, The Venomous, and I really enjoyed it. I have come to expect consistent quality from these guys so let’s see if they can meet that expectation with their new track, Affliction.

Affliction is 4 and a half minutes long and is a really good metal track. It starts off with an infectious, foot tapping rhythm before we get a little lead guitar twiddling. A shout of “LET’S GO” from Ronnie introduces a catchy drum and bass pattern with some guitar tapping skills over the top before the heavy, shouted vocals take the lead. It is a really rhythmic song – packed full of groove and riffs. It is nice to see Ronnie move to a different style of shout during the chorus too. The first chorus ends with a cool drum solo before the groove kicks in again. The second chorus leads into a short acoustic section which is background to another great drum section. This leads into a wicked guitar solo which then moves back into the infectious riff before ending with a quiet acoustic melody until it fades out.

What a great song – even better than the first single, The Venomous, which I loved. It has such an infectious beat going on it makes it impossible not to bang your head along with it. It is really great top hear Ronnie show another range to his vocals too. We already know the guy can shout and roar and now he has added even more. I especially love how the drums are the lead instrument on most of this song. With fills and solos galore, it shows that Nightrage have creativity and fresh ideas to go with their obvious talent.

Nightrage are putting music out that should elevate them to greatness. Melodic death metal doesn’t always reach the masses but I really hope this does. I fear the metal community are missing out massively. A banging song from a brilliant band that are growing in strength. All this makes The Venomous album one of my most anticipated of this whole year.

Check the track out for yourself here. Give the band a like or follow on Facebook or Twitter and if you like what you hear, why not preorder the album from here.


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Affliction by Nightrage (The Venomous)
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