Single Slam – A Dying World by Obituary

Originally part of the Adult Swim singles collection, death metal icons, Obituary have released a brand new single called A Dying World. The track has now been released by the band, via Relapse Records.

It is the first bit of new music from the American metallers since 2017’s self titled album, Obituary. Bang up to date with current feeling, you can tell by the song title, the subject matter deals with environmental issues with lyrics like “incoherently extinction levels rise” and “an existential threat of loss”. Obituary are angry still, over 3 decades after starting out, and that is impressive.

A Dying World

A Dying World is a short and heavy track, as you would expect from the death metal icons. Low tones, deep bass and growled vocals make up the track. It starts with a squeal of guitars before jumping into the thick and sludgy riff with a stomping drum beat. It’s good and heavy and certainly gets your neck moving. A short squealing solo is a highlight near the end before it’s all over a bit too quickly really.

A Dying World is a good track. Very typical of Obituary in every way and very short but still, a nice little old school blast of death metal. Thye have their way of doing things and I doubt they well ever change. That’s okay though. Not every band needs to be out theire experimenting. Sometimes you just need a simple, heavy track to let loose to. That is where Obitiuary slot in.

Grab a copy of A Dying World now at Obituary’s Bandcamp page, here. You can also grab a copy on all the normal streaming platforms now.

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A Dying World by Obituary
  • The Final Score - 7/10