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We here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life like to score things. It’s our way of putting that FULL STOP at the end of our reviews. Summing up our thoughts with a simple number out of ten. It’s not the definitive way to grade a game, we could have used boots…we give this movie 4 boots out of 5 or we could use heavy metal horns…9 out of 10 of the crowd are giving this album the horns. It’s not perfect but it works for us.

We wanted to give an explanation of our scoring works though as to many a person’s surprise we aren’t against dishing out a 10/10 or a 1/10 if the need arises.

10/10 (Astoundingly Amazing) – Nothing is perfect but this is as close to it as you’re going to get. Anything that has been given this score is one of the finest examples of its genre. We don’t throw this score around lightly, if a game, movie or album has been given a 10/10 we consider the bar set.

9/10 (Excellent) – Nearly flawless, with complaints that hardly seem worth mentioning. An experience that is deliciously enjoyable from beginning to end. Any review that gets this score something worth playing, watching or listening too.

8/10 (Great) – A damn fine experience that almost everyone will enjoy. It has its issues, issues that are much more noticeable but it won’t ruin the enjoyment. This is the last of the top scores.

7/10 (Good) – A score that is given for an experience that is enjoyable for a lot of people. This time though there are more people who are likely to find flaws & the complaints list is beginning to grow.

6/10 (Alright) – Those that get this score are alright, it’s as simple as that really. They’re not doing anything special but not doing anything to offend.

5/10 (Pedestrian) – A literal middle of the road experience that is neither good nor bad, lazy & uninspired. Things are beginning to take a turn for the worst.

4/10 (Lacking) – A flawed experience that will have a few highlights but way more negative aspects that are impossible to ignore.

3/10 (Poor) – This experience has devolved into a mess but manages to not be completely broken. Any moments that briefly shine are buried quickly by the many, many issues.

2/10 (Bad) – Nearly unplayable, unwatchable or unlistenable. It’s near impossible to find any positives.

1/10 (Disgraceful) – Offensively bad. An experience that is unplayable, unwatchable & unlistenable. There is no hope here, only death.

On very rare occasions we may dish out a 0/10. These are even rarer then a 10/10 as the experience has to have been so bad that it caused health issues. An experience that has affected how others in the genre are seen. A 0/10 isn’t just disgraceful it’s horrifically disgraceful.

So there it is, that’s how we score things here on Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging life.


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