Raptures Lost’s Top 10 Xbox 360/Xbox One Achievements

I’ve been collecting achievements since 2009 and in those 5 and a half years I’ve managed to acquire just under 250,000 Gamerscore. Now, I’m fully aware that this is simply a number and ultimately it means very little but I’m still pretty proud of it. The reason I love achievements is because they push me to accomplish things in games that I otherwise wouldn’t bother with, they help me experience a game to its fullest and in most case 100% complete them. If there’s a game that I cannot get all of the achievements in then it’s no problem really, some games ask a little too much e.g. “Gears Of War – Seriously 3.0”.

I would never let a difficult list of achievements that might be hard to obtain put me off of a game that I want to play, that’s the dark side of achievement hunting that has ruined gaming for some. Anyway, this is a list of 10 achievements that I am proudest of!

Number 10 –


Game – Mass Effect 3

Achievement – Insanity (75GS)

Requirement – Complete the game on the “Insanity” difficulty level without changing the setting

This is by no means impossible especially if you’re smart with your load out, party members and strategy but that doesn’t change the fact that you’ll probably be dying more than actually playing the game.

Number 09


Game – Dishonoured

Achievement – Ghost (30GS)

Requirement – You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets

The biggest problem with this achievement is that you have to wait until the end of each section to find out if you made it through without being detected. Spending hours on a section only to find that you were seen by one guard can put a serious cramp on your day.

Number 08 –


Game – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Achievement – Foxiest of the Hounds (100GS)

Requirement – Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.

Similar to dishonored, this is quite a self-explanatory one but one that will require an immense amount of patience and an ability to restrain yourself from removing your own hair.

Number 07 –


Game – Afro Samurai

Achievement – Completionist (200GS)

Requirement – Complete the game on both difficulties.

Playing this game on the hardest setting requires improved stats from a previous playthrough, patience, precision and timing. Even with all of these things you’ll struggle and die, a lot.

Number 06 –


Game – Final Fantasy XIII

Achievement – Treasure hunter (80GS)

Requirement – Held every weapon and accessory

To get Treasure Hunter, you have to have held (owned) every weapon and accessory at some point in the game. This includes the unique upgraded versions of every weapon and accessory. This is one of those achievements that will require a whole lot of grinding and a low margin for error. Certain items will only be given to you one time so if you were to sell them then you’d have to start all over again, a checklist is essential. To upgrade weapons and items you’ll need certain stones and to obtain these stones you’ll need a ridiculous amount of money, hence the grinding. After playing for over 100 hours I was convinced I had screwed this achievement up as there was just so many things to remember, you can imagine my relief when I heard it pop.

Number 05 –


Game – Dead Space 2

Achievement – Hard to the Core (50GS)

Requirement – Complete the game on Hard Core setting

Hardcore mode is the hardest difficulty in Dead Space 2 and can be unlocked by completing the game on any difficulty. The experience is notably different from any other difficulty setting as checkpoints are disabled and the player is allowed only three saves for the entire game in Dead Space 2. If that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll find enemies much tougher and you’ll have to seriously conserve ammo and health items as they are less plentiful compared to easier difficulties.

The reason why this is so difficult is that there are a number of areas in the game where you can instantly die which can lead to you losing hours progress. Making sure that you properly plan your 3 saves is essential; you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you make it through.

Number 04 –


Game – Monaco: What’s yours is mine

Achievement – Time to retire (80GS)

Requirement – Achieve all four trophies on every solo and co-op mission

Every level has four trophies to collect:
1P – Complete the level solo.
MP – Complete the level co-op.
Heart – Complete the level without dying.
Cash – Clean out the level.

The amount of timing and patience that this fun little stealth game requires is ridiculous but you’ll need a vast amount of patience if you ever hope you gain this.

Number 03 –


Game – Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD

Achievement – Weapon Crazy (150GS)

Requirement – Get the rocket launcher

What is it with these HD remastered games and their tough achievements? To obtain this you need to obtain an “A Rank” and to get this you’ll need to –

Beat the game in less than 4 hours and 30 minutes
No first aid sprays
No saves
No retries.

That’s right; death means that you’ll have to start all over again. Thankfully, there is a save at the halfway point but the second half of the game is the hardest and there are far too many areas where death can happen easily. As if attempting to survive isn’t already hard enough, you have to know the game and its puzzles/layout perfectly or you’ll fail to get under the required time; oh and pausing doesn’t stop the timer.

Number 02 –


Game – Mirrors Edge

Achievement – Chapter 2-9 Speedrun achievements. (10GS each)

Requirement – Complete a Speedrun of Chapter X below the target time.

100% completing Mirrors Edge is something I’m very proud of and to do so you’ll need these achievements. They require you to beat each level in the game under the target time in a time trial mode and it’s not for the faint of heart. One or two of the levels are pretty generous but the majority require complete inch perfect manoeuvrings. If you’re thinking that this doesn’t sound so bad then think about it like this, most of these levels can take over 7 minutes which means you’ll need to be perfect for several minutes. You’re 5 minutes in and you make the slightest of errors; it’s time to start again….

Number 01 –


Game – Silent Hill 2 HD

Achievement – Who needs a gun? (25GS)

Requirement – Acquire the green hyper spray

This damn achievement, this one’s a doozy. To obtain this achievement in the game you need to complete the following requirements –

Action level – Hard
Riddle level- Hard/Extra
Endings – All 7
Saves – only 2
Time – less than 3 hours
Items- pick up 150+
Defeated enemies by shooting- 75+ kills
Defeated enemies by fighting- 75+ kills
Boat stage time- in less than 1min 20sec
Damage- less than 500pts of damage

Just looking at this list of requirements gives me flashbacks. Having to complete the game several times before you can even attempt this is very annoying but you’ll be glad that you did. It’s your opportunity to memorize everything about the game, its layout, how to tackle each scenario and how to do it all quickly. As long as you know where you’re going then time isn’t the biggest issue here, your biggest problem will be the fact that the game is on hard, getting less than 500pts of damage and the boat stage time. Only someone that has attempted this can possibly comprehend how tough it is, check out my score –


Honorable Mention –


Game – Rayman Legends

Achievement – Truly Awesome! (40GS)

Requirement – Reach the final level of awesomeness

To unlock this achievement in Rayman Legends you have to compete in daily and weekly challenges against other players. The objectives of each challenge vary but for the most part, speed and precision are vital. At the end of each challenge you will be given a trophy based on how well you do, these trophies range from bronze up to diamond which is usually given to the top 20 players. Each trophy is worth a set amount of points; the Diamond cup is worth 50 points; Gold is worth 10; silver is 5; and Bronze is a whopping 1 point, the goal is to reach 6000 points in total.

Let me put this into perspective for you; you can compete in at least 16 challenges per week. If you could only manage to obtain bronze on each challenge then this achievement would take you about two years of doing those 16 challenges a week. I managed to get this in less than 3 months but it requires dedication and most certainly skill. I was able to gain gold trophies in almost every challenge and quite a number of diamonds also; this was one that I was glad to finish.

So there you have it, there were many other achievements that missed the cut but these ones in particular stuck out to me as being most memorable. Here’s to unlocking more achievements, hard and easy; all in the pursuit of hearing that awesome sound….


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