Collectable Review: Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)

One thing you should probably know about me is that my favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII. I’m currently playing through it at the moment on my PS1 and it really feels as if I only played it yesterday when in actual fact its probably around 5 years, I’m still trying to get my head around that one. I’m also in the process of getting a FF7 inspired tattoo added to my sleeve!  Anyway, the first figure I collected was of one of my favorite characters from the game —

“A mystical man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious…”

Vincent Valentine



Vincent Valentine is an optional playable character in Final Fantasy VII. A former Turk with a mysterious past, Vincent’s secrets tie him directly to several of the Final Fantasy VII’s main antagonists. Vincent wields handguns in battle and his Limit Breaks cause him to shapeshift as a result of the experiments performed on him.

Vincent has crimson eyes and long black hair and wears a red bandanna with his fringe emerging over it. Vincent’s most distinctive feature is his red cloak, held in place over his shoulders and lower face by several buckles. Underneath his cape Vincent’s attire is black with several straps and buckles. Vincent wears a holster for his gun against his right leg, and pointed sabatons on his feet. He wears a golden gauntlet on his left arm. His weapon of choice is the Cerberus, a three-barreled revolver.


Cloud and his party discover Vincent in a locked room in the basement of Shinra Manor in Nibelheim where he is talked out of his sleep and speaks to Cloud. Cloud tells him about Sephiroth, and Vincent, knowing he was the child Lucrecia had conceived, considers it another “sin” and returns to sleep. When Cloud tries to leave, Vincent follows and asks if they will meet Prof Hojo(Vincent’s creator). Cloud confirms, and Vincent agrees to accompany the party with thoughts of claiming revenge.

Vincent was always part of my final group in FF7, I guess I just really enjoyed the mystery around the character, not to mention I just love the name Vincent. If I ever have a son you can bet now that he’ll be named Vincent. The two things I adore about this particular figure are:



The gun accessory which is beautifully crafted.



& the cape, well because its badass! I mean just look at that thing. Another very well crafted figure that I luckily got at a reduced price.

Cost – £21.99

“It’s just that you’re always so cold. I thought you didn’t care what was happening.”
“Cold? Hmm…… I guess that’s just how I am, sorry.” (Cloud and Vincent)


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2 thoughts on “Collectable Review: Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)

  • Tifa just rang, she said “Vincent is gay”. She also said something about the death penalty being a “crap Limit”. And that “she has enough moody Emo’s, with cloud in her party.”

    Just passing on the message. 🙂


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