Raised By Owls Stream New Music Video – The Dark and Twisted Realm in Which Fred Durst Resides

Eccentric and full of humour, following their viral success, UK metal band Raised by Owls are excited to announce the release of their new single, “The Dark and Twisted Realm in Which Fred Durst Resides”. This single comes as a run up to their brand-new album release, on Friday 3rd May 2024, Vol. 3: (The Satirical Verses).

Explains Sam, vocalist of Raised by Owls:

This song is about Fred Durst, not as you know him, but as an ancient, malevolent entity dwelling in a dark and twisted realm parallel to our own. His existence is fueled by the salty tears of heavy metal elitists who dare to challenge the ‘true’ power of the mighty Limp Bizkit. Picture this – what if Fred Durst was akin to Vecna from Stranger Things? That’s the vibe we’re channelling here.

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The Dark and Twisted Realm in Which Fred Durst Resides is an audacious blend of heavy, certain to intrigue fans of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, and Entombed. With its heavy riffs, intense rhythm, and a storyline that fuses reality with fantasy, the single is a bold testament to Raised by Owls’ unique vision and their ability for pushing boundaries within the metal genre.

Often incorporating elements of humour and surprise into their work, this new release is no exception and promises to be a strong addition to their repertoire, appealing to both old fans and newcomers alike.

Raised by Owls invites you to dive into this surreal narrative and experience a side of Fred Durst you’ve never imagined before. The Dark and Twisted Realm in Which Fred Durst Resides is available for streaming and download on all major music platforms.

In addition, in celebration of their album release in May, Raised By Owls are doing a short tour with co-headliners Red Method.

24th May – Nottingham – Rock City Beta
25th May – Manchester – Star + Garter
26th May – London – 229


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