News – Machine Head Release Robb’s Cover of Black Sabbath’s Die Young

In July 2010, Robb Flynn of Machine Head fame released an acoustic cover of Black Sabbath’s Die Young, from their Heaven and Hell album.

It followed a period of sadness and depression for the frontman following the then recent losses of both Ronnie James Dio and Debbie Abono. They both passed on the same day, the 16th of May 2010 and it left Robb, and many others, grieving their loss. As musicians do, they often find solace in music which led to Robb reaching for the acoustic guitar and covering Die young. This was unrelated to Machine Head in any way. It was purely a Robb Flynn release and was recorded the day after their deaths.

He spoke more about the reasons behind the cover at the time and you can read that statement below.

“I don’t know why I recorded this song, it doesn’t really have relevance to Debbie or Dio, but I was sad and depressed and it was the only thing that made sense in the world.”

Check it out below –

There were no plans to release Die Young 9 years ago. It saw the light of day and then disappeared again. Now, nearly a decade later and repackaged as a Machine Head release, Die Young is available on all streaming platforms. It is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to two important and influential people. Robb sings it well and it is a decent and respectful cover too.

Machine Head have been back in the studio alongside old bandmates Chris Kontos and Logan Mader preparing to hit the road in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Burn My Eyes. The guys, with Robb and Jared MacEachran have been drip feeding studio videos and rerecordings. To say I am excited is a massive understatement. Check out the dates for that tour below. Keep your eyes on Machine Head’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more news and releases. See you in the pit!

Die Young



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