News – Ben Blutzukker releases new single – I Want to be Evil (A Tribute to Eartha Kitt)

The talented one man project, Ben Blutzukker has a brand new single out now called I Want to Be Evil (A Tribute to Eartha Kitt).

Eartha Kitt was a famous American singer, actress, author, activist and much more. She was born in the late 20’s and passed away in 2008. I would be lying if I said I was overly familiar with her though I do know the name. Her most famous songs include the enduring Christmas hit, Santa Baby, the French song C’est si bon and of course I Want to Be Evil. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of her story. I strongly suggest you look her up and read more about her fascinating life that includes Disney voice over work, theatre performances and even defamation by the CIA and blacklisting by the US government.

Eartha Kitt

Ben Blutzukker has taken inspiration from the archaic and reinvented the haunting atmospherics under a new Dark Metal furore with this,  his latest project. Reincarnating a 66.6 year old Jazz track. His latest work takes Eartha Kitt’s 1953 track “I Want to be Evil” and pours even more malevolence into the single. While “I Want to Be Evil” wasn’t as popular as C’est Si Bon or Santa Baby, it packed the nefarious allure which beckoned for a more contemporary, darker reinvigoration.

Head on over to Ben Blutzukker on Bandcamp here to grab a copy for yourself. Check it out on Spotify here or head to here for all other streaming platforms.

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