Newest Casino by Resorts World Opened its Doors in Newburgh Mall

Jobs are being created for locals in the town of Newburgh thanks to the new Resorts World Hudson Valley Casino. On a recent visit, the Newburgh Mall was packed with lights flashing, music blaring, and the sweet sound of slots. Resorts World has officially launched its newest casino after a protracted process. The casino market has a lot of great games like Cash Falls Pirate’s Trove, with more money yet to come thanks to similar launches.

According to Meghan Taylor, vice president of Resorts World New York, the company is really enthusiastic about this location and providing the product to the community that it pledged to back when the company first considered opening an establishment there.

More than $50 million has been invested in the new establishment, which contains electronic table games, more than 1,200 slots, two bars, and a sportsbook, according to Taylor. This is yet another great piece of news for Michigan players, as the gambling industry is firing on all cylinders. If you want to get acquainted with it, you can try out demo slots, play at iGaming MI and see which slot games are to your liking.

Things to Keep in Mind

Around 250 new jobs have been created, many of which will be held by citizens of Orange County. According to municipal authorities, the town of Newburgh will earn $3 million yearly from the casino as part of a host agreement.

According to Taylor, Resorts World Hudson Valley is a true local attraction that will be beneficial for everyone. The establishment is quite accessible due to its location, which is immediately at the crossroads of routes 84 and 87.

Gilbert Piaquadio, the town of Newburgh’s supervisor, stated that the launch will be very beneficial to the overall economy of the city and state.

Even though we all now shop online, Piaquadio said that locals still prefer to visit their neighborhood establishments when they have money to spend.

Additional Comments from New Employees and Representatives

Renee Goldman, who is from Washingtonville just down the road, is one of the new hires. She was working three jobs at separate locations an hour apart when she learned about the new opening and applied for it right away. This launch may end up creating more online gaming opportunities for players. Michigan players already have plenty of excellent games to choose from like Solstice Celebration, which you can check out here. These growth opportunities are bound to create more jobs for the local communities.

Being near home is beneficial for her because she is a single mother, according to Goldman. That will increase her chances of seeing her child more frequently. Goldman, who grew up nearby, has observed the Newburgh Mall’s evolution over time. According to Goldman, it sort of folded in recent years, but now that there is a casino here, it has created fresh prospects for businesses to move in and employment to be created.

Piaquadio said that the region will also benefit from improved tourism opportunities. According to Piaquadio, if hotels start receiving more visitors, the economy of the town and the surrounding area is going to improve as well.


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